Israel-Palestine: Risk of 'deadly escalation' in violence, without decisive action

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Tor Wennesland told Council Members that “recent developments connected the crushed are worrying”, pointing retired the concern successful the West Bank and Gaza and the challenges faced by the Palestinian Authority.  

“I truthful stress again the value of concerted efforts by the parties to calm things connected the ground. I americium acrophobic that if we bash not enactment rapidly and decisively, we hazard plunging into different deadly escalation of violence”, helium warned. 

"It is indispensable that the parties debar unilateral steps, trim flashpoints and unit crossed the OPT, solidify the cessation of hostilities", said @TWennesland, noting the request for concerted efforts towards meaningful negotiations to resoluteness the struggle earlier it's excessively late.

— UN Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (@UNDPPA) November 30, 2021

He informed that, successful the past month, unit resulted successful the decease of 4 Palestinians, including 2 children, and injuries to 90 others - including 12 children - due to enactment by Israeli Security Forces. 

One Israeli civilian was killed successful the aforesaid period, and 9 civilians, including 1 pistillate and 1 child, and six members of ISF were injured.  


Mr. Wennesland said that a terrible fiscal and economical situation is threatening the stableness of Palestinian institutions in the West Bank. 

At the aforesaid time, he added, “ongoing unit and unilateral steps, including Israeli colony expansion, and demolitions, proceed to rise tensions, provender hopelessness, erode the Palestinian Authority’s lasting and further diminish the imaginable of a instrumentality to meaningful negotiations.” 

In Gaza, the cessation of hostilities continues to hold, but the Special Envoy argued that “further steps are needed by each parties to guarantee a sustainable solution that yet enables a instrumentality of morganatic Palestinian Government institutions to the Strip.” 


The Special Coordinator also said that “settler-related unit remains astatine alarmingly precocious levels.” 

Overall, settlers and different Israeli civilians successful the occupied West Bank perpetrated immoderate 54 attacks against Palestinians, resulting successful 26 injuries. Palestinians perpetrated 41 attacks against Israeli settlers and different civilians, resulting successful 1 decease and 9 injuries.  

Mr. Wennesland highlighted a fewer announcements of housing units successful settlements, reiterating that “that each settlements are amerciable nether planetary instrumentality and stay a important obstacle to peace.” 

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities have also advanced plans for immoderate 6,000 lodging units for Palestinians successful the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of al-Issawiya and immoderate 1,300 lodging units for Palestinians living in Area C (one of the administrative areas successful the occupied West Bank, agreed nether the Oslo Accord). 

The Special Envoy welcomed such steps but urged Israel to beforehand much plans and to issue gathering permits for each antecedently approved plans for Palestinians successful Area C and East Jerusalem. 

Humanitarian assistance delivered 

Turning to Gaza, the Special Envoy said that humanitarian, betterment and reconstruction efforts continued, along with other steps to stabilize the concern connected the ground. 

He called the gradual easing of restrictions connected the introduction of goods and people “encouraging”, but said that the economic, information and humanitarian situation “remains of superior concern.” 

The Special Envoy besides mentioned the precarious financial concern of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which still lacks $60 cardinal to prolong indispensable services this year. 

The agency has yet to wage the November salaries of implicit 28,000 UN personnel, including teachers, doctors, nurses and sanitation workers, galore of whom enactment extended families, peculiarly in the Gaza Strip, where unemployment is high.  

Tor Wennesland, Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, briefs UN Security Council members connected  the concern    successful  the Middle East.

UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Tor Wennesland, Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, briefs UN Security Council members connected the concern successful the Middle East.

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