Big Mercedes decision infuriates Hamilton

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Mercedes has reportedly already signed George Russell to regenerate Valtteri Bottas successful 2022, and the quality is said to person gone down "like a pb balloon" with satellite champion Lewis Hamilton.

Russell confirmed overnight that helium already knows wherever he'll beryllium driving adjacent season, with an announcement expected wrong weeks.

Bottas is apt to regenerate the retiring Kimi Raikkonen astatine Alfa Romeo.

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The accomplishment of Russell to spouse Hamilton is expected to supply the seven-time satellite champion with much contention than helium presently faces from Bottas, overmuch to his displeasure.

George Russell scored his archetypal podium with a 2nd placed decorativeness successful Belgium. (Getty)

"(Team boss) Toto (Wolff) has made up his caput to bring successful George. Lewis has been told and he's not happy," a Mercedes root told the UK Daily Mail.

"He wanted Valtteri arsenic a team-mate due to the fact that helium is compliant and not rather speedy capable to occupation him, but that's not what is happening.

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"You could say, arsenic acold arsenic Lewis is concerned, it's gone down similar a pb balloon."

Russell is seen arsenic a imaginable satellite champion successful the close car, as evidenced by his sensational 2nd place connected the grid for past week's Belgian Grand Prix for Williams, a car that has nary close to beryllium qualifying successful the apical five. But Russell took afloat vantage of bedewed conditions to showcase the endowment galore judge volition spot him situation Hamilton.

Publicly Hamilton is saying each the close things, adjacent if he's expressed his reservations down closed doors.

Lewis Hamilton connected the mode to 2nd spot astatine the Styrian Grand Prix. (Getty)

"I deliberation George is an incredibly talented driver. His qualifying thigh (in Belgium) was amazing," Hamilton said overnight.

"He's humble and I deliberation he's got a large approach. He's already shown unthinkable driving truthful acold and I'm definite he's going to proceed to grow, truthful wherever amended to bash it successful a large squad similar this?"

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There's been comparative bid astatine Mercedes since Bottas replaced the retired Nico Rosberg for the 2017 season.

That followed a bitter 2016 satellite rubric combat betwixt Hamilton and Rosberg, yet settled successful Rosberg's favour.

Lewis Hamilton lifts the British Grand Prix trophy. (Getty)

"If they bash instrumentality George, past the conflict internally astatine Mercedes would beryllium different, and perchance much heated," Rosberg told

"If 1 time helium would thrust adjacent to Lewis, past it's intolerable to foretell however helium would enactment successful specified a situation. It's an extreme. It's wholly extremes. Suddenly you're successful a race-winning car each weekend, you're warring against the champion of each time, who has been determination for similar the past 8 years.

It's an utmost situation. So it truly depends from 1 operator to the different however you would woody with that arsenic a teammate."

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