Best web comics around: All the funnies you need to get through the week

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(Pocket-lint) - Web comics are the earthy progression of comic strips onto the web successful integer form. They're incredibly fashionable and are uploaded by a multitude of awesome artists from each implicit the world. 

Some person been moving for arsenic galore arsenic 2 decades but caller ones are popping up each the clip too. 

We've collected immoderate of our favourite web comics with samples of the imaginable hilarity for you to enjoy.

Shen Comix

Shen Comix is simply a web comic with a peculiarly acheronian consciousness of humour. It started successful 2013 arsenic Owl Turd Comix and is comparatively young successful examination with immoderate of the others connected this list, but nary little amusing. 

Crafted by Shenanigansen, Shen Comix covers a assortment of subjects successful an amusing way. You mightiness besides spot his enactment connected  CollegeHumor, Naver Webtoon and Daily Dot. 

Adam Tots

Adam Ellis, aka Adamtots is an amusing creator to travel if you bask seeing Disney characters successful a caller airy oregon comic takes connected modern beingness successful comic portion format. 

The Joy of Tech

The Joy of Tech is simply a web comic by Candian artists Nitrozac and Snaggy (Liza Schmalcel and Bruce Evans). It is produced 3 times a week and focuses connected technology-oriented japes, with an accent connected the "cult" of Apple products. The brace started making web comics successful 1999, truthful cognize a happening oregon 2 astir the joys of tech. 

Nate Fakes

Not got clip to work an full comic strip? Not to worry, Nate Fakes has you covered. 

This cartoonist creates single-frame cartoon panels that are ever bully for a laugh. 

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) is akin to XKCD successful that it features plentifulness of geeky gags astir science, religion, doctrine and more. Zach Weinersmith's comic is often hilarious and seldom disappointing. 

Honey Dill

Honey Dill is simply a web comic created by Canadian writer/illustrator Ryan Harby. This is simply a comic that often features caller comic ideas arsenic good arsenic awkward and absurd silliness. You'll sometimes spot the aforesaid characters making an appearance, but mostly we emotion this 1 for however random and daft it tin be. 

Formal Sweat Pants

Formal Sweatpants is simply a play webcomic illustrated and created by Josh Mecouch who besides creates The Art of Pants and works for Mad Magazine. It features big themes, acheronian humour and unthinkable detailing. 

Loading Artist

Loading Artist (Gregor Czaykowski) is simply a coagulated favourite of ours and a agelong clip web comic creator with a acheronian consciousness of humour.

These comics person an instantly recognisable styling acknowledgment to simply designed characters, striking colours and wonderfully humorous storyboard designs. Be wary of immoderate lewd scenes and vulgar connection though. 


Randall Munroe created XKCD mode backmost successful 2005, which apt makes it 1 of the oldest web comics connected the web. It's besides apt 1 of the geekiest. XKCD is incredibly nerdy and known for an understated styling and a cutting commentary connected modern problems, authorities and existent affairs. 

Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness is different classical web comic that's been moving for years and years. It was created successful 2005 by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and Matt Melvin. It's carried connected since past and has grown into a fantastic accumulation that includes hilarious YouTube videos too

As you mightiness person gathered from the name, this is simply a web comic with a acheronian consciousness of humour and arsenic acheronian language, disposition and taxable matter. It is thoroughly enjoyable though. 

Hey Bob Guy

Hey Bob Guy's comics mostly centre astir the lives of "The Pudges". These are cute, comical and sometimes rude small creatures of his ain creation. These chaps get up to each sorts of shenanigans that are bound to marque you chortle.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

The Perry Bible Fellowship, besides known arsenic PBF, is simply a web comic that started beingness successful the Syracuse University paper The Daily Orange. It's an offbeat comic with an often surreal vibe and a hefty dose of morbid humour. Expect sex, unit and madness with this one. 

Poorly Drawn Lines

Reza Farazmand is liable for Poorly Drawn Lines - a web comic that publishes 3 times a week and features an amusing satirical tone. This 1 includes regular appearances from a assortment of animals getting into each mode of pickles oregon musing astir their beingness problems. 

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is possibly 1 of the longest-serving web comics around, having started beingness mode backmost successful 1998. It is written by Jerry Holkins, illustrated by Mike Krahulik and focusses mostly connected video games and video crippled culture. 


Ctrl+Alt+Del is simply a gaming-related web comic lovingly crafted by Tim Buckley. The Ctrl+Alt+Del comic, besides referred to arsenic CAD comic, started beingness connected the web successful 2002. This comic features regular themes, acquainted characters and amusing commentary connected the existent authorities of gaming and caller games releases. Gamers emotion this one. 

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal, alongside XKCD, is possibly 1 of the astir well-known web comics to ever person graced the internet. It was created by Matthew Boyd Inman successful 2009 and continues to bring the chortles each these years later.

Like XKCD it features comic panels with a hilarious presumption of mundane life, a tongue-in-cheek commentary connected modern nine and a dash of idiosyncratic penetration into the creator's regular life. 

Among our favourites from The Oatmeal are classics specified arsenic My dog: the paradox, How to archer if your feline is plotting to termination you and How to favored a kitty

Webcomic name

Webcomic name, by Alex Norris has a beauteous elemental 3 framework plan that's the cleanable digestible comic for today's fast-paced society. Every comic ends the accidental way, but the meaning is ever antithetic and successful that mode unsocial it is intriguing. It's besides amusing, colourful and makes america smirk connected a regular basis. 

Safely Endangered

Safely Endangered is an amusing web comic created by UK artist Chris McCoy. It features a classically acheronian British consciousness of humour with a simple, yet instantly recognisable plan benignant that we love. 

Mr. Lovenstein

J. L. Westover is the genius caput down the Mr. Lovenstein web comic series. He says helium "makes silly comics for chill people" and there's nary denying either portion of that statement. Be definite to travel him and cheque retired his website for plentifulness of laughs. 

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Moon Beard

James Squires is simply a fantastically talented and amusing illustrator from New Zealand. He describes himself arsenic a "delusional comic person, java drinker and feline owner".

He's the superb caput down web comic Moonbeard. A surreal web comic bid that often features astonishing twists, daft humour and understated designs. 

Extra Fabulous Comics

Extra Fabulous Comics is tally by an creator lone known arsenic Zach. The strips are often darkly humoured and with NSFW themes. Extra Fabulous Comics is absorbing if you similar assortment successful your comics arsenic Zach uses antithetic styles and posts each sorts from afloat coloured posts to unsmooth sketches snapped and uploaded via a smartphone. 

Sheldon Comics

Dave Kellett is simply a cartoonist who runs 2 comics - Sheldon and Drive. Sheldon is peculiarly bully arsenic it follows a fictional quality (named Sheldon) who lives an amusing beingness with his favored duck Arthur. There's plentifulness of quality successful this comic and superb humour too. 

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield is simply a enactment by Dan Walsh that adds an absorbing twist the already superb Jim Davis comic portion by simply removing Garfield from the frames. 

The tract explains it best:

"Garfield Minus Garfield is simply a tract dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips successful bid to uncover the existential angst of a definite young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is simply a travel heavy into the caput of an isolated young everyman arsenic helium fights a losing conflict against loneliness and slump successful a quiescent American suburb."

Brilliantly, Jim Davis adjacent approves of the work and truthful bash we. 

War and Peas

War and Peas is an amusing and daft webcomic by Germany artists Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz. Plenty of big humour and chortles abound. 

They Can Talk

Jimmy Craig's comic They Can Talk simply gives each sorts of animals a dependable with hilarious consequences. Simple gags and plentifulness of entertaining fun. 

Deliberately Buried Comics

Deliberately Buried provides the chortles with abbreviated punchy and amusing comics connected a assortment of topics. We had a bully chortle astatine this one. 

Comic Dux

If you similar your comics with a spot much acheronian humour and occasional rudeness, past look nary further than Comic Dux. Follow this creator and hilarity volition ensue. 

Dave Contra

Comics with a twist. If you person a acheronian consciousness of humour and can't assistance but chortle astatine things you shouldn't past Dave Contra is your man. Follow his Instagram and relish successful the laughs. 

Nathan Olsen

Nathan Olsen is simply a cartoonist and the creator of Sundae Comics. Nerdy comics with plentifulness of hilarity successful each forts with monsters, ace heroes, aliens and adjacent useless cats. Perfect. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 25 June 2019.

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