Best Apple AirPods cases and covers 2021: Keep your charging case protected with these top skins

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(Pocket-lint) - Protecting your Apple AirPods charging lawsuit with a screen is indispensable if you privation to support it looking shiny and new.

Naturally, the wireless earbuds themselves are already harmless from bumps and scratches, but there's nary harm successful wanting to adhd a spot of property to your charging lawsuit and defending it from damage, too. And thankfully, determination are present hordes of fantabulous options disposable to assistance you bash so.

Like with immoderate accessory, it besides has to suit your tastes and beryllium functional, which is wherefore you'll spot the bulk of covers tested and elaborate beneath being silicone skins with plentifulness of colour variations. There are besides different leather and metallic alternatives to explore, but conscionable cognize that these are often much expensive.

So, if you person a charging lawsuit for your AirPods 1 oregon AirPods 2 that needs immoderate love, peruse our picks below.

What is the champion Apple AirPods case? Our apical proposal comes from Casetify. However, the likes of Spigen, Gear4, Twelve South and Catalyst besides marque fantabulous AirPods covers that are worthy exploring.

Our Top Pick: Apple AirPods Case


 Keep your wireless buds protected with these apical  covers photograph  20

Casetify Compostable AirPods Case



  • Compostable
  • Great procection
  • Stylish colours


  • Quite expensive

Casetify makes recognisable and trendy cases for smartphones of each brands, truthful it makes consciousness that it's got immoderate beauteous AirPods cases to connection up, arsenic well.

We're peculiarly taken with this compostable option, which inactive has a truly bully decorativeness and colour, but comes with the added bonus of salving your conscience owed to its constricted planetary impact.

Great AirPods cases we besides recommend

Here are 4 different awesome options you could see for your AirPods, instead.


 Keep your wireless buds protected with these apical  covers photograph  17

Spigen Urban Fit



  • Great textured finish
  • Real protection


  • Slightly bulky

If your fig 1 interest erstwhile it comes to getting a lawsuit for your AirPods is the existent extortion of the earbuds, past Spigen's lawsuit could beryllium a large acceptable for you.

It's bully and rugged, with a beauteous cloth decorativeness that doesn't diminish however hard-wearing it is, and volition bump up your AirPods' quality to withstand drops and falls by a large margin.


 Keep your wireless buds protected with these apical  covers photograph  16

Gear4 Apollo



  • Amazing price
  • Jazzy colours


  • Fairly minimal protection

Some radical volition beryllium looking to get a lawsuit for their AirPods without shelling retired excessively overmuch (and we deliberation that's just enough!). If that sounds similar you, Gear4 has a large enactment successful the signifier of the Apollo.

It's disposable successful a fewer funky colours, which we appreciate, but astir importantly it's incredibly affordable. While it whitethorn not forestall your AirPods from getting damaged by a large drop, it's much than capable to ward disconnected scratches.


 Keep your wireless buds protected with these apical  covers photograph  18

Catalyst Waterproof Airpods Case



  • Waterproofing
  • Good protection


  • A small pricey
  • Not the prettiest

If driblet and scratch extortion is the norm for a case, immoderate radical mightiness look astatine their manner (or the section weather) and interest they request an other furniture of reassurance.

That's what's offered by Catalyst successful the signifier of this lawsuit - it waterproofs your AirPods lawsuit truthful that you don't person to interest astir splashes oregon rainfall, thing that tin beryllium an contented for these somewhat older earbuds.

Twelve South

 Keep your wireless buds protected with these apical  covers photograph  19

Twelve South AirSnap



  • Great materials
  • Luxurious design


  • Expensive
  • A small bulky

If you've been looking astatine the assorted options supra and privation thing a small much hand-crafted and artisanal, past Twelve South mightiness beryllium perfect.

Its AirSnap enactment is disposable successful a fewer finished included leather options, but whichever mentation you take you'll get a superbly-made spot of kit. It'll support your AirPods snug and secure, but besides look stylish and classy portion it does so.

Other products we considered

When trying to fig retired what we judge to beryllium the champion AirPod cases presently available, we spent hours investigating and researching. We see a scope of factors erstwhile it comes to recommending devices - and besides erstwhile a caller instrumentality enters our apical 5 selections. This isn't conscionable our ain testing, either, but user reviews, marque prime and value, too.

In each of our roundups, determination are besides galore products we trial that don't marque the last cut. Since they whitethorn beryllium the close acceptable for immoderate people, however, we've listed them below.

How to take a lawsuit for your AirPods

There are perfectly loads of options retired determination erstwhile it comes to AirPods cases - present are immoderate questions to constrictive things down.

How overmuch extortion bash you want?

If you privation the maximum magnitude of imaginable extortion for your AirPods, determination are chunky cases retired determination that tin connection immense levels of absorption against drops and bumps, truthful that you tin propulsion them astir without fear. Equally, if you lone truly privation to marque definite the lawsuit doesn't get scratched successful your pocket, you could surely opt for a thinner, much lightweight case.

Is bulkiness important?

Along those lines, it's worthy reasoning to yourself astir however you similar the size of the AirPods lawsuit without thing added to it - this tin pass however bulky you privation your lawsuit to be. If you truly don't caput the other size oregon weight, that means you tin take fundamentally immoderate lawsuit you like.

What's your budget?

We thin to affix this question for astir bits of tech oregon accessories, due to the fact that it's ne'er irrelevant: enactment retired your fund earlier you commencement buying to debar accidentally spending much than you request to. There are countless pricey cases retired determination for AirPods owners, but you mightiness not privation to spell implicit your fund for them.

More astir this story

Every merchandise successful this database has been tested successful real-life situations, conscionable arsenic you would usage it successful your day-to-day life.

We've been utilizing AirPods since the infinitesimal they came out, and person been trying retired accessories and cases since that point, arsenic well, assessing their worth and the extortion they offer. Syle is, of course, hugely important, since nary 1 wants an disfigured AirPods lawsuit successful their pocket.

As with immoderate roundup, it's not imaginable to present a database that works for each benignant of user, but we thin connected the experiences and opinions of the wider Pocket-lint squad - arsenic good arsenic thoroughly assessing the areas supra - successful bid to bash our champion successful this regard.

What we ever thin to debar erstwhile compiling these picks are needless spec comparisons and selling lines; we conscionable privation to supply an casual to recognize summary that gives you an thought of what each lawsuit is similar to use. Our verdicts are concise, but this is purely successful the involvement of brevity. Rest assured each the things connected this database person been afloat tested.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 25 May 2021.

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