Carey's record-breaking Test debut lauded by great

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Debutant Alex Carey has had 1 of the champion introductions to Test cricket by a wicketkeeper, according to Australian batting large Mark Waugh.

The 128-Test icon had thing but praise for Carey's record-breaking show down the sticks, which saw him instrumentality 8 catches successful the archetypal Ashes Test, won by Australia by 9 wickets.

Carey's feat surpasses the astir catches taken by an Australian wicketkeeper connected Test debut and equals the most-dismissals record, antecedently lone held by Brian Taber.

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Carey exploded onto the scene, taking 3 dismissals successful the archetypal innings earlier backing up with 5 successful the second.

Alex Carey enjoyed a record-breaking Test debut astatine the Gabba. (Getty)

"It volition beryllium up determination with 1 of the champion debuts arsenic a wicketkeeper," Waugh said connected the Fox Cricket broadcast.

"It has been faultless.

"Even his enactment to Nathan Lyon has been exemplary.

"His glovework has been 10 retired of 10.

"Everything has conscionable deed the mediate of the gloves and helium has made it look easy.

Formerly an Australian rules footballer, Carey started his nonrecreational sporting vocation with the GWS Giants.

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After taking formation to mitt a Pat Cummins bouncer connected time 3 that deed the transportation and soared overhead, Waugh described Carey arsenic seeing the shot similar helium was leaping to people a Sherrin.

"That was a hard shot to take," helium said.

"It benignant of tailed distant and it bounced into his close hand, which is his non-dominant hand. He is simply a left-hander.

"It conscionable took a chunk retired of the pitch.

"He is seeing them similar footballs down the sticks."

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