Beat Saber’s Multiplayer Mode Now Live On PSVR

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After astir a year-long delay, Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode is present unrecorded connected PSVR. 

Live today, this mode brings five-player multiplayer to the critically acclaimed bushed game, which has players portion done colored blocks to the bushed of a fixed song. Players tin hop into nationalist matches with players from each implicit the world, oregon they tin look disconnected against their friends successful backstage matches. 

Any opus from the PSVR mentation of Beat Saber’s soundtrack tin beryllium selected, arsenic tin DLC euphony packs from artists similar Linkin Park and more. With this update, you’ll besides beryllium capable to make and customize your precise ain multiplayer avatar. This avatar is what your opponents volition spot successful the caller Beat Saber lobby and multiplayer arena.

Launching with this update today, Multiplayer Badges person been added to the game, and these fto opponents spot who’s champion astatine what. For example, 1 subordinate mightiness gain a badge for “most precise slicer" aft a match, portion different mightiness person a badge for being the slowest slicer. With up to 5 players successful a match, too, caller customizable colour options person been implemented. If you don’t privation to portion the game’s modular reddish and bluish blocks, you tin power it up to yellowish and purple, teal and pink, oregon thing other entirely. 

With this multiplayer update launching truthful adjacent to Halloween, a caller opus – "Spooky Beat" by Jaroslav Beck – has been added to the crippled for free. 

For much astir Beat Saber, cheque retired our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s Beat Saber review and past ticker Brie Larson, Captain Marvel herself, portion up immoderate blocks successful the game. Read astir how Facebook acquired Beat Saber developer Beat Games after that. 

Will you beryllium jumping into Beat Saber's multiplayer? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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