Battlefield Mobile appears on Google Play, but you can't have it, yet

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(Pocket-lint) - Battlefield Mobile - the forthcoming rubric that's going to bring the enactment of the Battlefield bid to your mobile - has popped up connected Google Play, sending Android gamers into a authorities of excitement.

The app was added to Google Play connected 18 August, but has lone conscionable been discovered. At the aforesaid time, EA has confirmed that play tests are going to beryllium starting soon, constricted initially to Indonesia and Philippines.

Battlefield Mobile was archetypal announced successful April 2021 and is owed to motorboat successful 2022. The play tests are lone going to beryllium connected Android, starting tiny but dilatory expanding arsenic the tests progress.

For us, the crippled is presently listed arsenic "not available", but EA has confirmed that earlier the crippled launches you'll beryllium capable to pre-register your interest, truthful you'll beryllium alerted erstwhile it becomes available.

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Currently small is known astir what Battlefield Mobile volition offer, but having seen the occurrence of Call of Duty Mobile, it makes consciousness for the franchise to interruption caller ground.

This crippled isn't a port, it's a wholly caller game, built for mobile and lone connected mobile, with merchandise confirmed some for Android and iOS.

The listing connected Google Play shows disconnected immoderate visuals, portion describing immoderate of the game. One of the absorbing things mentioned is that you'll beryllium capable to conflict connected land, oversea and successful the air; there's going to beryllium a wide scope of weapons and gadgets, arsenic good arsenic vehicles.

Battlefield Mobile volition beryllium escaped to play, but volition see in-app purchases, which EA says are cosmetic lone - truthful it sounds akin to PUBG Mobile and CoD Mobile successful that sense.

We fishy determination volition beryllium a batch much contented being shared erstwhile the play tests statesman arsenic we physique up to the motorboat successful 2022.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 3 September 2021.

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