Bad boy struck in genitals, kicked out of event

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Tennis atrocious lad Tennys Sandgren has been kicked retired of a Challenger event, defaulted from a lucifer that descended into farcical scenes.

The fiery American was the No.1 effect for the Atlantic Tire Championship Challenger lawsuit successful Cary and helium was looking comfy successful his archetypal circular clash with Christopher Eubanks.

Sandgren had breached his hostile successful the archetypal crippled and was up 40-30 successful the 2nd erstwhile helium deed a forehand long.

The subordinate was frustrated and his choler boiled implicit erstwhile a ballkid bounced a shot to him that accidentally struck him quadrate successful the genitals (he posted imaginativeness of that infinitesimal successful the tweet below).

The American angrily lashed astatine the ball, which flew disconnected his racquet and deed a linesperson successful the backside.

Sandgren was instantly defaulted and his hostile was handed the astir antithetic victory.

Sandgren took to Twitter aboriginal to laughter astir the incident, and admit helium had erred successful his actions.

"Just to beryllium clear, this was each wholly my fault," Sandgren wrote successful a station on with imaginativeness of the incident.

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