Promoting sustainability and the UN at Dubai Expo: A UN Resident Coordinator blog

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Around 2 months into a six-month residency astatine Dubai Expo, the UN Hub has already attracted a ample fig of visitors, including respective delegations from UN Member States. Dena Assaf, the UN Resident Coordinator for the UAE, and Deputy Commissioner-General of the UN astatine Expo, says that the lawsuit is simply a unsocial accidental to item the aims and messages of the Organization.

“This Expo is antithetic from different Expos successful the consciousness that the UAE authorities decided to usage it to explicit the value of planetary collaboration, and gathering a better, sustainable future. So, the taxable fits straight with the UN's main mandate and interests. It’s besides the biggest, with astir each of the world’s countries represented.

SDG instrumentality    astatine  the Opportunity Pavilon, Dubai Expo 2020

Conor Lennon/ UN News

SDG instrumentality astatine the Opportunity Pavilon, Dubai Expo 2020

Anchored successful Expo

The UN Hub forms portion of 1 of the anchor pavilions, called Opportunity Pavilion Mission Possible, which stresses the value of idiosyncratic enactment towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There is simply a ample UN Hub motion outside, truthful everyone knows that this is for each the galore antithetic parts of the organization, and we person outfitted the abstraction to bring the messages of the UN to Expo, presently with a photograph accumulation representing radical from astir the world.

It’s a flexible space, allowing america to amusement films, signifier sheet discussions and exhibitions. The photograph accumulation connected show is from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which is astir the value of knowing the challenges women look successful each parts of the world, particularly successful situation situations.

We person had different exhibits here, specified arsenic an SDG creation grounds to assistance the nationalist recognize however the Goals construe to the United Arab Emirates, and different to observe the fiftieth day of the country’s founding and the UN’s concern with the state implicit these years.

The Al-Wasl Dome, centrepiece of Dubai Expo 2020

Conor Lennon/ UN News

The Al-Wasl Dome, centrepiece of Dubai Expo 2020

An accidental to connect

It’s a large accidental for the United Nations to beryllium successful this venue, wherever we tin scope truthful galore people, successful a state with a colonisation made up of immoderate 200 nationalities, and a fashionable planetary tourer hub.

 What I person found, successful my idiosyncratic engagements, arsenic good arsenic those of my colleagues, is that galore radical person preconceived ideas astir the UN, and what it does, truthful we privation to marque definite that we tin beforehand the cardinal messages of the Organization.

In the archetypal 7 weeks oregon so, I would accidental that immoderate 20,000 radical person visited the Hub. Some travel for 10 minutes oregon so, but others privation to enactment longer and person a much in-depth treatment astir what we do.

We person besides had galore interactions with Member States astatine assorted antithetic levels, due to the fact that parliamentary and authorities delegations are coming to Dubai for their ain engagements astatine Expo.

This is the archetypal clip since the pandemic that truthful galore radical are coming unneurotic from each astir the satellite to sermon issues related to sustainability, and gathering a amended future. And the connection I’m getting, from dignitaries and mean people, is that they cognize the UN is here, they privation to sojourn us, and they privation to find retired what we tin do, together, to make that future.”

View of Business Bay, Dubai, from the JW Marriott Marquis

Conor Lennon/ UN News

View of Business Bay, Dubai, from the JW Marriott Marquis

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