Twist in Smith bombshell as Storm confirm exit

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Melbourne Storm person confirmed superstar Brandon Smith volition permission the nine "at the extremity of the 2022 NRL season".

The club's connection came a time aft it came retired Smith had fundamentally revealed connected a podcast helium wants to motion with the Roosters from 2023.

Smith besides infuriated Melbourne by suggesting the nine has a civilization of dense drinking.

"Recent comments made by Brandon successful a podcast, and the mode helium expressed them, bash not align with Storm's values and the mode we run arsenic a club," the Storm said.

"The statements person profoundly offended existent and erstwhile players, coaches, unit and committee members and the nine powerfully rejects the comments made astir the Storm culture."

The planetary hooker-forward has besides travel nether occurrence for swearing galore times during the podcast.

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Smith issued a connection connected societal media.

"I privation to code existent media speculation going connected astir maine astatine the moment, and specifically my caller comments connected YKTR Sports podcast," helium says.

Brandon Smith with retired Melbourne champion Cameron Smith. (Getty)

"Over the past 2 months, I've work aggregate headlines astir maine time successful time out, galore of which were untrue, and nary that came from my rima directly.

"I done (sic) this podcast for that precise reason. To beryllium afloat transparent astir the process I've been going through.

"It's honestly been truly breathtaking passim and I'm genuinely grateful to beryllium successful the presumption I'm in. One happening I pridefulness myself connected is being myself, and careless of backlash I volition proceed to bash so.

"That being said, I bash admit and privation to apologise for however immoderate of (my) comments person been revealed. Specifically to the Melbourne Storm, it was ne'er my intent to disrespect oregon travel crossed arsenic ungrateful to the nine that has done truthful overmuch for maine and my family.

"And that goes for my coaches, members, staff, and astir of all, my teammates.

"I talk from the bosom - for amended oregon worse sometimes - and I'm atrocious if anyone was wounded by my words.

"But astatine the extremity of the time they are my words.

"I specifically besides privation to code the media honing successful connected my comments astir the Storm culture, and it being framed arsenic a 'drinking culture' they person going connected down there. Our civilization is built connected hard enactment and effort arsenic the main priorities.

Smith drops monolithic hint connected future

"These comments person been taken mode retired of context, and I emplore (sic) anyone funny successful the substance to delight ticker the interrogation successful its entirety earlier jumping to conclusions.

"This volition beryllium the past clip I code the comments made connected this podcast. My absorption is present afloat turned to the aboriginal with the Melbourne Storm and each the astonishing opportunities laid earlier me.

"Whatever happens I volition springiness 100 per cent. It's each I know. If I'm to beryllium statement (sic) a unspeakable idiosyncratic truthful beryllium it, if I cuss to (sic) overmuch I'm atrocious but that is maine and I volition proceed to beryllium me."

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