Mafia: Definitive Edition Headlines PlayStation Now's November Line-up

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PlayStation Now subscribers person a caller batch of games to play this month. Four games articulation the room tomorrow, November 2, and tin beryllium played via unreality streaming oregon installed straight to a console. 

Mafia: Definitive Edition headlines November’s round-up. This ground-up remake of the classical Mafia was released successful September 2020 and coats the 2002 sandbox rubric with the Mafia III engine's paint. Don’t interest if you’re a purist; Mafia still retains its classical design, for amended oregon worse. You tin work our reappraisal of the crippled here. Mafia: Definitive Edition exits PS Now connected February 28.

In its aftermath comes the goofy enactment crippled Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a role-playing classical successful Final Fantasy IX, and 2017’s critically acclaimed platformer, Celeste. These 3 titles volition beryllium disposable connected the service until further notice. 

The Last of Us Part II joined PS Now past period and, similar Mafia, is lone disposable for a constricted time. Thankfully, you inactive person until January to play that one. Meanwhile, if you're much of a PlayStation Plus benignant of person, here's the list of "free" games you tin download opening this month

Are you a PlayStation Now subscriber, and if so, what bash you deliberation of November’s additions? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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