Arrest Warrant Issued For Man Who Assaulted MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster On The Air

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An apprehension warrant has been issued for the antheral who jumped MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster portion helium was reporting connected Hurricane Ida.

The Gulfport Police Department issued a connection charging Benjamin Dagley with 2 counts of elemental assault, 1 number of disturbing the peace, and 1 number of violating an exigency bid curfew:


Dagley was connected probation successful Ohio for holes successful tanks of unsafe chemicals astatine a concern that helium erstwhile owned.  He pleaded blameworthy to vandalism, inciting a panic, and elemental assault.

Brewster and his NBC News unit were fortunate that the concern didn’t crook adjacent much dangerous.  Brewster was doing his unrecorded report, arsenic Bagley could beryllium heard off-camera arguing with the members of the quality crew. Bagley past rushed astatine Brewster and got successful his look portion the newsman rapidly tossed it backmost to Craig Melvin successful the studio.

Bagley is intelligibly a unsafe individual, and it is bully to spot that the section constabulary successful Gulfport are taking the battle of a writer who was lone trying to bash his occupation seriously.

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