ARK Invest Stocks To Buy And Watch: 6 Stocks That Cathie Wood's ARK ETFs Own; Tesla, Zoom Rally

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Cathie Wood's ARK Invest ETFs are immoderate of the hottest funds aft 2020's immense banal marketplace gains. Six ARK Invest stocks to bargain and ticker are Coinbase, DraftKings, Square, Teladoc Health, Tesla and Zoom Video.



The ARK Invest concern company's flagship money is ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK). The ARKK ETF focuses connected companies that grounds "disruptive innovation," a technologically enabled caller merchandise oregon work that perchance changes the mode the satellite works.

The ARK Innovation ETF surged much than 152% successful 2020, handily beating the Nasdaq's hefty 43.6% return.

Other ARK ETFs see Autonomous Technology & Robotics (ARKQ), Next Generation Internet (ARKW), Genomic Revolution (ARKG), Fintech Innovation (ARKF) and the precocious debuted Space Exploration and Innovation (ARKX).

How To Invest Like Cathie Wood: Focus On Game Changers

The ARKK fund's immense summation successful 2020 resulted from large banal occurrence stories successful cutting-edge tech areas: DNA sequencing, robotics, artificial intelligence, vigor retention and blockchain technology.

"Disruptive innovation is often not priced correctly by accepted concern strategies due to the fact that radical whitethorn not recognize however large the eventual opportunities are going to be. They aren't sizing the accidental and they aren't analyzing the disruption," Wood, the laminitis and CEO of ARK Invest, commented connected the company's website.

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ARK Invest Stocks To Buy And Watch

Amid the existent banal marketplace uptrend — according to IBD's marketplace outlook — investors should absorption connected buying apical stocks breaking retired past close bargain points.

ARK Invest stocks to bargain and watch, and their tickers, see Coinbase Global (COIN), DraftKings (DKNG), Square (SQ), Tesla (TSLA), Teladoc Health (TDOC) and Zoom Video (ZM).

Company Name Symbol Closing Price Weight In ARKK
Tesla (TSLA) 625.22 10.3%
Teladoc Health (TDOC) 150.58 6.1%
Square (SQ) 222.52 4.7%
Zoom Video (ZM) 331.53 4.2%
Coinbase Global (COIN) 236.54 3.5%
DraftKings (DKNG) 49.95 1.9%
Source: ARK funds information arsenic of June 1, 2021

Coinbase IPO

Cryptocurrency speech Coinbase debuted connected April 14, pricing astatine $250 a share. Coinbase stock closed its archetypal time of trading 328.28, up 31.3%, for a valuation of $87.3 billion. Investors should hold for a caller basal to signifier earlier jumping into the blistery IPO stock.

The caller involvement successful Coinbase represents different 1 of the Ark Invest stocks that offers much vulnerability to cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase banal rallied implicit 2% Wednesday.

DraftKings Stock

DraftKings is an online sports level that allows users to play regular phantasy games and triumph currency prizes. The institution is poised to instrumentality vantage of the expanding legalization of integer sports betting crossed the U.S.

DraftKings banal is supra its 50-day moving average, and the semipermanent 200-day line. It is forming a cupful basal with a 74.48 bargain point. Shares are astir 20% disconnected their 52-week high.

The sports-betting person is 1 of the newest ARK Invest stocks. On March 8, ARK Invest disclosed a caller presumption of 748,000 shares for the ARKK ETF.

DKNG banal moved up 1.3% Wednesday.

Zoom Video Stock

Zoom Video is the person successful modern endeavor video communications, with a unreality level for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars crossed mobile, desktop, and country systems.

After the adjacent Monday, Zoom Video reported its quarterly results. Zoom net jumped to $1.36 per share, topping estimates for $1.16. Revenue came successful astatine $1.02 billion, beating estimates for $991.2 million. Despite the net and income beats, the institution offered weaker-than-expected net guidance for the existent quarter. Shares plunged implicit 16% successful response.

On Wednesday, Zoom banal rallied implicit 2.5%.

This Cathie Wood Stock Pick Hits New Buy Point

Square is simply a integer payments and cryptocurrency leader. Recently, Square disclosed a caller $170 cardinal concern successful Bitcoin connected apical of its $50 cardinal acquisition successful October. Bitcoin represents 5% of full institution assets.

Square stock is trading close astatine a 267.87 grip buy point, according to IBD MarketSmith illustration analysis. Despite soaring much than 700% from the coronavirus carnivore marketplace lows, SQ stock's basal is inactive aboriginal stage.

According to IBD Stock CheckupSquare stock shows a beardown 98 retired of a cleanable 99 IBD Composite Rating. The IBD Composite Rating helps investors easy measurement the prime of a stock's cardinal and method metrics.

Square banal was up 0.3% Wednesday.

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Why Tesla Is One Of The Top ARK Invest Stocks

Tesla banal is 1 of the apical ARK Invest stocks, with whopping 10% weighting successful the ARKK ETF portfolio. In mid-January, ARK Invest unveiled its 2025 terms target connected Tesla banal of $3,000 a share.

Tesla banal rallied 0.7% Wednesday. The EV elephantine is an IBD Leaderboard stock.

Shares are backmost supra a 700.10 assertive bargain constituent heavy wrong a correction. Meanwhile, a deep, ample basal continues to instrumentality shape.

Teladoc Health Stock

Teladoc Health provides on-demand wellness attraction services, specified arsenic nonemergency doctor's appointments, online. More doctors and patients are opting for telemedicine owed to Covid-19. Teladoc is 1 of the biggest ARK Invest stocks, with an over-6% portfolio weighting successful the ARKK portfolio.

TDOC banal is trading astir 50% disconnected its 52-week high. Shares gained implicit 1% Wednesday.


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