Apple Watch Series 7 release date, features, specs, rumours

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's adjacent smartwatch is owed to look earlier the extremity of the year, apt alongside the iPhone 13 range, and determination has been plentifulness of speculation arsenic to what mightiness appear.

Here's everything we've heard truthful acold astir the Apple Watch Series 7, mixed with our wishlist.


What volition the adjacent Apple Watch beryllium called?

  • Probably Apple Watch Series 7

Unlike the iPhone, Apple didn't messiness astir with the Watch naming structure. Since the archetypal was followed by the Apple Watch Series 1, the institution has utilized sequential numbers each year.

It is truthful highly apt we tin expect 2021's ticker to beryllium called the Apple Watch Series 7, succeeding 2020's Apple Watch Series 6. We besides saw the Watch SE motorboat successful 2020, though it's not yet wide if that volition beryllium refreshed each year. 

The caller watch, oregon watches, volition run Apple's watchOS 8, which was previewed during Apple's developer conference at the opening of June. You tin work each astir the features coming to Apple Watch successful our abstracted watchOS 8 feature.


Apple Watch Series 7 merchandise date

  • September 2021
  • Likely from $399/£379

Apple typically holds its iPhone motorboat lawsuit successful September of each twelvemonth and the adjacent iteration of the Watch is usually announced astatine the aforesaid time.

Of course, things didn't rather travel the 'normal' way successful 2020. The Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE were revealed up of the iPhone 12 series connected 15 September 2020.

At the moment, it is not yet known if Apple volition instrumentality to contented for 2021. If it does, we'd pencil successful 7 September 2021, but we'd enactment that successful precise airy pencil for present arsenic 14 September has besides been mentioned for the iPhone 13 launch. We'd expect rumours to look successful the adjacent fewer weeks of assorted leakers claiming to know, but the authoritative accusation won't look until the extremity of August 2021 astatine the earliest.

In presumption of price, the Apple Watch Series 6 starts astatine $399/£379. We'd expect the aforesaid ballpark for the Series 7.


  • Squarer edges similar iPhone 12?
  • Explorer Edition?

The Apple Watch Series 4 made immoderate large plan changes successful presumption of show and the Series 5, Series 6 and Watch SE follow the aforesaid design. The wide benignant and signifier stay the aforesaid arsenic the archetypal Watch, but the newer watches connection a batch much surface successful akin footprints.

It could beryllium therefore, that the Series 7 offers immoderate bigger plan changes, fixed the Series 5 lone added an always-on show and built-in compass, portion the Series 6 added a blood oxygen sensor.

Rumour has it a circular ticker look and wrap-around flexible show are being researched, but there's besides been speech of a squared-edge plan for the Series 7, pursuing successful the aforesaid footsteps arsenic the iPhone 12 models, iPad Air and the M1 iMac. It's besides said the show volition beryllium flatter and person to the beforehand glass, portion the casing itself is said to beryllium somewhat thicker.

A much rugged, "Explorer Edition" Apple Watch has besides been mentioned, which mightiness spot immoderate plan changes. Rumours suggest it could travel with a rubberised case.

Features and specs

  • Focus connected fittingness - much precocious features
  • Better slumber tracking
  • Improved artillery life
  • Smart straps

In presumption of features, we expect much wellness and fittingness features connected the Series 7, possibly taking connected the likes of Garmin with a betterment diagnostic akin to Body Battery for example. Garmin besides bash a large occupation of enabling users to stock their runs oregon enactment truthful we wouldn't beryllium amazed to spot Apple instrumentality a leafage retired of this book.

It's claimed determination volition beryllium a 'Time to Run' diagnostic and Audio Meditations joining the 'Time to Walk' diagnostic connected Fitness+.

We'd similar to spot artillery improvements to lucifer different smartwatches successful the market, similar the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and we'd besides similar to spot much advanced slumber tracking connected the Series 7, arsenic good arsenic roaming capabilities.

Apple revealed slumber tracking arsenic portion of watchOS 7, meaning it is disposable connected older Apple Watches too, but it isn't arsenic elaborate arsenic immoderate different devices connected the market. Perhaps immoderate other hardware connected the Series 7 could enactment it up determination with the Fitbit's and Garmin's. We cognize Respiratory Rate is coming with watchOS 8, but we'd similar to spot much than this.

With watchOS 8, the Apple Watch volition beryllium capable to unlock more. Rather than conscionable being capable to unlock your Mac and iPhone erstwhile a look disguise is detected, it volition beryllium capable ro enactment arsenic a integer cardinal for you location for example, if you person a compatible lock.

Other possibilities for the Watch Series 7 could see things similar astute straps, 3rd enactment enactment for ticker faces, a camera and Face ID or an nether show fingerprint sensor, though we fishy the second are wishful reasoning alternatively than plausible additions, chiefly owed to deficiency of abstraction for the sensors.

Apple Watch Series 7 rumours: What's happened truthful far?

Here are each the rumours and quality truthful far, surrounding aboriginal Apple Watches.

18 August 2021: Leaked Apple Watch Series 7 renders corroborate caller look successful archetypal large redesign since its release

91Mobiles published immoderate renders of the Apple Watch Series 7 that look to enactment the thought of a squared-edge plan for the adjacent smartwatch. Ultra wideband exertion is besides said to beryllium connected committee and the show is said to beryllium flatter.

18 August 2021: Apple iPhone 13 could motorboat 14 September, with 1TB option

There has been a study to suggest the Apple iPhone 13 could motorboat 14 September, which means the Apple Watch Series 7 could besides motorboat connected this date. Nothing is confirmed arsenic yet though.

16 August 2021: Apple Watch Series 7 to bring Time to Run feature, M1X MacBook Pro coming soon

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg published his Power On newsletter detailing immoderate things expected for Apple's upcoming devices. The newsletter claims the Apple Watch Series 7 volition connection a faster processor, flimsy redesign, flatter surface and Time to Walk and Audio Meditations successful Fitness+.

7 June 2021: Apple previews watchOS 8

Apple previewed the features coming to watchOS 8 during Day One of its WWDC 21 conference.

19 May 2021: Apple Watch Series 7 could person squared plan similar iPhone 12

Leaker Jon Prosser claimed the Apple Warch Series 7 would travel with a redesign and a caller greenish colour option.

Matt Talks Tech / AppleTrack

3 May 2021: Will the adjacent Apple Watch work humor sweetener and intoxicant levels? Possibly

A large diagnostic coming to the Apple Watch could person been revealed successful an SEC filing for UK-based startup Rockley Photonics.

 Top smartwatches disposable  to bargain  today

Best smartwatch 2021 rated: Top smartwatches disposable to bargain today By Britta O'Boyle · 2 September 2021

Rockley Photonics designs sensors for monitoring a person's humor utilizing infrared light. The sensors could beryllium utilized for monitoring humor glucose and intoxicant levels. 

26 March 2021: Apple considering 2021 motorboat for 'Explorer Edition' Watch designed for utmost conditions and athletes

A study from Bloomberg suggested Apple is considering the motorboat of an all-new Apple Watch exemplary designed for athletes, hikers and those who would usage the smartwatchin utmost environments. It is said to motorboat successful 2021 oregon 2022 and perchance connection a rubberised case.

23 March 2021: Patent suggests redesign of Apple Watch

MacRumours reported Apple could beryllium looking into a imaginable "redesign for the Apple Watch, including a rounded ticker face, wrap-around flexible display, and digitally-customizable ticker bands". The study came aft the find of a newly-granted patent filing.

15 Febraury 2021: No glucose monitoring coming to Series 7 aft all

Leaker Max Weinbach dispelled rumours that the Apple Watch Series 7 would diagnostic glucose monitoring. It was a diagnostic antecedently reported, but Weinbach has claimed it isn't coming yet.

12 January 2021: Future Apple Watch could person Wrist ID, patent suggests

A patent was filed by Apple for a airy sensor connected the backmost of its Watch that would radiance airy onto the user's wrist and make a tract representation of the area.

The representation would diagnostic veins from your limb and should beryllium arsenic unsocial arsenic a fingerprint, allowing the Apple Watch to recognise who has enactment the Apple Watch connected and unlocking it accordingly. 

14 November 2020: New Apple Watch plan could get 2021

9to5 reported that expert Ming-Chi Kuo claimed a caller Apple Watch plan would get successful 2021 astatine the earliest. The study said Kuo speculates that a "significant signifier origin plan alteration would travel with caller Apple Watch models successful 2H21 astatine the earliest."

22 July 2020: Apple Watch With MicroLED Display Could Launch successful 2020

MacRumours reported that Apple was successful talks with Taiwanese show manufacturers to usage microLED displays successful its products successful 2020. We didn't spot that successful the Watch Series 6, but possibly this is thing we volition spot connected the Watch Series 7.

16 April 2020: Could a aboriginal Apple ticker observe if you've fallen into a river?

As we've seen from the instauration of bosom monitoring features, Apple is keen to marque Apple Watch into a instrumentality that promotes life. According to an Apple patent, a aboriginal instrumentality could observe the benignant of h2o its successful and truthful measure if you've fallen into a stream oregon the oversea and past measure your situation. For example, if your watch's GPS assesses you're successful heavy h2o it could beryllium acceptable to alert authorities. 

6 February 2020: Digital Crown could get caller features

One of the astir distinctive things astir the Apple Watch is the Digital Crown. Now it could beryllium getting immoderate caller features to marque it interaction oregon light-sensitive. Certainly Apple would mean for the crown to go much delicate done these methods, not less. Again, these person been spotted thanks to a patent release.

"The crown whitethorn see a light-directing diagnostic configured to direct, onto the image-sensing element, an representation of an entity successful interaction with the imaging surface" says the filing. The crown could perchance observe the question of your digit arsenic you rotate oregon interaction the crown. 

Apple Insider suggests this could mean that the Digital Crown has little carnal bulk, therefore, making country wrong the ticker for different components.

30 January 2020: Digital Crown acceptable to beryllium replaced with an optical reader? 

A patent spotted by Patently Apple shows the Apple Watch Digital Crown being replaced by an optical fingerprint scholar alternatively which could past recognise gestures, specified arsenic if you were to rotate the virtual crown. 

At contiguous we deliberation it's improbable that Apple would region the Digital Crown due to the fact that it's 1 of the astir distinctive features of the timepiece. But this could hap successful a aboriginal mentation of the Apple Watch alternatively than being for this year, of course. 

11 November 2019: Could Touch ID marque its mode to the Apple Watch?

Apple filed a patent that turns the Apple Watch surface into a Touch ID sensor. The patent notes that "the show whitethorn supply an representation oregon video output for the ticker assemblage 100. The show whitethorn besides supply an input aboveground for 1 oregon much input devices specified arsenic a interaction sensing device, force-sensing device, somesthesia sensing device, and/or a fingerprint sensor."

While we're seeing a batch of phones with under-display fingerprint readers now, this determination would necessitate rather a step-up successful exertion due to the fact that of the diminutive size of the watch.

5 August 2019: Apple Watch could usage in-display fingerprint sensor

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed Apple volition present an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor into the 2021 iPhone, but helium besides said the exertion could beryllium utilized successful a caller Apple Watch too.

Currently, the Apple Watch has nary biometric information but an in-display fingerprint sensor would let it to connection some, without changing the design.

16 January 2019: Three large wellness features rumoured

The Fast Company reported that Apple has hired galore clinicians and engineers to enactment connected wellness features for the Apple Watch, which are said to see humor pressure, humor glucose oregon diabetes absorption and slumber tracking oregon science. Given these didn't look connected the Series 6, possibly they are destined for the Series 7?

8 May 2018: Patent for circular Apple Watch approved

A patent for circular surface exertion was approved, aft being primitively filed successful January 2016. The filing mentioned wrist wear, starring immoderate to assume a circular Apple Watch was coming.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 14 December 2020.

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