Apple Watch Series 7: A cheat sheet

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Apple's latest ticker is its astir durable and comes with an optimized idiosyncratic interface and faster charging, among different features.


Apple Watch Series 7

Image: Apple

Apple announced its Apple Watch Series 7 during a unrecorded lawsuit Tuesday, with COO Jeff Williams touting it arsenic "the astir durable Apple ticker we've ever built." This Apple Watch Series 7 cheat expanse includes details astir the smartwatch, including features, pricing accusation and more. This nonfiction volition beryllium updated arsenic caller accusation becomes disposable from Apple astir the Watch Series 7.

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What is the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the successor to past year's Apple Watch Series 6. It comes with a wholly reengineered show that Apple says is the "largest and astir precocious retina display,'' with astir 20% much surface than the Series 6. It is besides 40% thinner than the Series 6.    

"It encourages you to beryllium progressive and get much with your workouts'' and monitors a user's health, Williams said. 


Apple Watch Series 7

Image: Apple

The lawsuit and the show person been refined with "softer, much rounded corners." The Series 7 Watch refracts airy "for a subtle, wrap-around effect,'' Williams said. The watch's dimensions person "barely changed,'' Williams said. 

The Series 7 is 70% brighter indoors erstwhile a user's wrist is down. 

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What are the cardinal features of the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a caller display, caller keyboard and greater durability. Like its predecessor, the Series 7 has an 18-hour artillery beingness and an improved charging experience—33% faster than the Series 6 with an updated charging architecture and caller USB cable. Now, it takes 45 minutes to spell from zero to 80% charged, according to Lauren Braun, merchandise manager. 

The Series 7 has caller features for motorcycle riders. It volition observe erstwhile you statesman riding and punctual you to commencement a workout, and it volition automatically halt and resume erstwhile you pause. The ticker has an improved algorithm for e-bikes that much accurately counts calories.

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Buttons person been redesigned and enlarged to complement the size and signifier of the caller display, Braun said. This makes it easier to pat buttons similar halt watch, enactment and alarms. It tin besides acceptable astir 50% much substance than the Series 6 to marque it easier to work texts with little scrolling, she said. 


The Hermes mentation of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Image: Apple

The Series 7 besides features caller ways to input substance with a afloat keyboard you tin either pat oregon slide, with QuickPath, which uses instrumentality learning to foretell the connection you're typing. 

The Series 7 besides comes with improved durability. It has a "crack-resistant beforehand crystal," and "more robust geometry." It's besides the archetypal Apple ticker to person IP6X certification, truthful users don't person to interest astir it successful dusty environments, she said. The Series 7 is inactive water-resistant, Braun said. 

What are the color, bands and show options for the Apple Watch Series 7?

It comes successful 5 caller colors: midnight, starlight, green, bluish and red. It volition besides beryllium disposable successful silver, graphite, gold, stainless steel, a earthy titanium and abstraction achromatic titanium. The Series 7 is compatible with each existing bands, and determination volition beryllium caller bands from decorator Hermes.


Apple Watch Series 7

Image: Apple

Is the Apple Watch Series 7 eco-friendly?

All aluminum ticker cases are made with 100% recycled metal, and each the magnets successful the Series 7 usage 100% recycled uncommon world elements, Williams said.

What is the terms for an Apple Watch Series 7?

The outgo starts astatine $399. 

When tin I bargain an Apple Watch Series 7?

Preorders volition statesman adjacent week and units volition beryllium disposable aboriginal this fall. 

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