Apple's new iPads: The best model and best features for professionals

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A refreshed iPad and upgraded iPad Mini were announced by Apple, but erstwhile it comes to a instrumentality pro users should beryllium excited astir it's each successful the Mini's favor.


The latest iPad Mini is an iPad Pro successful a smaller package.

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Two caller iPads were announced astatine Apple's Sept. 14 event, and for concern users the prime betwixt the 2 caller models is clear: It's the recently redesigned iPad Mini implicit the refreshed iPad.

That's not to accidental the caller iPad isn't worthy a look, but don't expect it to look immoderate antithetic from the erstwhile iPad model: It's physically identical with immoderate under-the-hood improvements. An A13 Bionic spot makes it 3 times faster than a Chromebook and six times faster than the fastest Android tablets, Apple said. 

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A caller front-facing camera brings the antecedently iPad Pro-only diagnostic Center Stage to the iPad, which is arguably the astir utile diagnostic for nonrecreational users who privation to walk little connected a caller iPad: This 1 starts astatine $329 and is connected merchantability present with availability opening adjacent week.

The caller iPad Mini: The iPad Pro acquisition successful a tiny package

Apple's worldly plan paradigm that started with the iPad Pro has recovered its mode into its full mobile products enactment (with the objection of the Apple Watch), and the caller iPad Mini is nary exception. Its level aluminum sides, curved edges and camera bezel each marque the caller Mini look conscionable similar a large iPhone 13.

Aside from looks, the caller iPad Mini packs a clump of features that marque it relation little similar an oversized iPhone, and much similar an iPad Pro that tin acceptable successful a ample pocket. That unsocial should pique the involvement of nonrecreational users who privation a almighty instrumentality that's smaller than the 12.9" oregon 11" Pro models. If it doesn't, these 5 features mightiness assistance seal the deal.

Same footprint, much power

The caller iPad Mini has the aforesaid footprint arsenic the aged 1 astatine 8" by 5.3", but gone are the Touch ID fastener (now embedded successful the powerfulness button) and ample bezels, which person fixed mode to a full-front surface similar the iPhone and newer iPad models. 

In summation to the improved surface and plan is the A15 Bionic chip, the aforesaid caller 1 successful the iPad 13 series. According to Apple, the A15 Bionic volition springiness the Mini a 40% summation successful CPU performance, an 80% summation successful GPU show and two-times faster instrumentality learning acknowledgment to a caller mentation of the Neural Engine. 

Apple demonstrated the instrumentality learning features with its caller Translate app successful iPadOS 15 that uses the A15 to supply real-time speech translation, which could service traveling professionals who privation a powerful, yet portable, device.

USB C for faster information transfers

The Lightning Port is gone connected the caller iPad Mini, and successful its spot is simply a USB C larboard that's definite to supply alleviation to those bushed of carrying countless cables.

Apple said the USB C larboard connected the caller Mini would supply 10 times the information transportation speeds, arsenic good arsenic alteration a batch of USB C concern peripherals similar cameras, portable ultrasound units and different hardware.

Center Stage connected the front-facing camera

Like the refreshed iPad, the Mini is getting a 12 MP wide-angle forward-facing camera with a 122° tract of imaginativeness that enables Center Stage, the machine-learning diagnostic that tracks users who determination astir wrong the iPad's FoV. 

For nonrecreational users who question and request a portable device, Center Stage tin beryllium a fantastic feature, provided the bundle you usage for meetings supports it. Luckily, Apple said that Center Stage supports Zoom, Bluejeans, Webex and adjacent societal media apps similar TikTok. 


There's not overmuch much to accidental astir the iPad Mini getting 5G than to accidental yes, it has it. This is successful opposition to the caller iPad, which is inactive constricted to LTE, making it harder to urge to concern users.

Apple said its 5G spot successful the Mini volition beryllium susceptible of supporting download speeds up to 3.5 GB per second, which it said makes it an perfect tract instrumentality for technicians and different professionals who request a 5G instrumentality that falls betwixt the iPhone and a larger iPad Pro. 

Second-generation Apple Pencil support

The Apple Pencil comes successful 2 models: The archetypal and 2nd generations. The caller iPad Mini supports the second generation, meaning it has the aforesaid pencil with the aforesaid capabilities arsenic the iPad Pro. In further iPad Pro-like feature, the 2nd procreation Apple Pencil snaps magnetically to the broadside of the iPad Mini to recharge wirelessly. 

Apple's caller iPads: Availability

The caller iPad and iPad Mini are disposable to bid connected Apple's online store today, and some volition ship, and beryllium disposable in-store, connected Sept. 24.

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The iPad Mini starts astatine $499, and the regular iPad, arsenic mentioned above, starts astatine $329. The Mini has optional 5G cellular capabilities, and that exemplary starts astatine $649. 

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