Apple purchases classical music streaming service Primephonic, plans on relaunching dedicated app next year

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has acquired the classical euphony streaming work Primephonic, which launched successful 2018 arsenic a dedicated enactment for past satellite euphony purists to find and curate playlists successful an app specifically tailored towards the genre.  

Now, conscionable 3 years aft launch, Apple is shutting down the work connected 7 September successful a woody for an undisclosed fee. However, the Cupertino institution plans connected relaunching the app adjacent twelvemonth with the aforesaid interface its mostly older idiosyncratic basal person astir apt already grown accustomed to. 

In a blog station connected the Primephonic website, the institution writes 

  We are moving connected an astonishing caller classical euphony acquisition from Apple for aboriginal adjacent year, but unfortunately, the Primephonic work volition beryllium taken offline starting September 7. You whitethorn proceed to usage it astatine nary complaint until then.

Please cheque your email for much details astir your 6 period escaped proceedings connected Apple Music, your refund and more.

Apparently, Apple Music subscribers volition beryllium seeing a token of upgrades to the classical euphony listening acquisition connected the platform, but for users seeking the archetypal dedicated Primephonic acquisition without immoderate popular euphony adverts and UI clutter, users volition person to hold until “early adjacent year”. 

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To work the afloat connection connected the Apple acquisition of Primephonic, tap here to spot the company's homepage blog post. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 30 August 2021.

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