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(Pocket-lint) - Apple releases 1 large bundle update each twelvemonth for iPhone, iPad and Watch, with respective smaller updates passim the year. 

The adjacent large update for iPad is iPadOS 15. You tin read much astir iOS 15 for iPhone successful our abstracted feature, but present are each the features Apple revealed astatine WWDC 21 for iPadOS 15.

iPadOS 15 merchandise date

  • Previewed June 2021
  • Release September 2021

Apple presented a preview of its adjacent bundle update for iPad during its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) successful June, though the last bundle isn't expected to beryllium released to devices until the "fall". This typically means September time.

At the moment, determination is nary circumstantial day for iPadOS 15's release, though if accepted - pre 2020 - patterns are followed, we'd expect the bundle to beryllium released to nationalist successful the opening to the mediate of September.

A developer beta for iPadOS 15 was released connected 7 June, portion the nationalist beta was released successful July.

iPadOS 15 features

Here are each the features announced for iPadOS 15.


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    There are a fig of multitasking features coming to iPad with iPadOS 15, including a caller multitasking paper that sits astatine the apical of apps, allowing you to participate Split View, Slide Over, afloat surface and Center Window with a tap. There's besides a caller multiwindow support that volition springiness you speedy entree to each unfastened windows for an app.

    iPadOS 15 besides sees improvements to the App Switcher to assistance with multitasking. You tin resistance 1 app implicit different to make a Split View space, portion you'll besides get entree to Slide Over apps from the App Switcher. Center Window lets you interaction and clasp successful definite apps, similar connected an email oregon note, to unfastened it successful the mediate of a Split View surface without having to permission the screen.


    Notifications successful iPadOS 15 person larger icons for apps and interaction photos for people, on with a Notification Summary. The Notification Summary volition cod each non-time-sensitive notifications and present them astatine a much convinient time, specified arsenic morning, evening, oregon a clip you select.

    There are besides muting suggestions and you tin take to mute immoderate app oregon connection thread for the day, adjacent hr oregon temporarily. 


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  10


    As rumoured, iPadOS 15 brings Widgets to the iPad, allowing you to spot Widgets among apps connected your location screen, arsenic you tin connected iPhone. There are immoderate other ample widgets designed for iPad and determination are besides immoderate caller options coming, including a Find My widget, Mail widget and Contacts widget.

    You'll besides beryllium capable to reorder the widgets successful Smart Stacks with caller controls successful iPadOS 15 and suggested widgets for apps you already usage tin automatically look successful Smart Stacks astatine the due time, based connected your past activity, with an enactment to adhd them if you privation to.

    App Library

    Stealing different diagnostic from iPhone, iPadOS 15 brings the App Library to iPad, giving you 1 azygous spot to entree each your iPad apps, organised into categories similar Productivity and Games.

    You volition beryllium capable to get speedy entree to the App Library from the dock and you tin reorder Home Pages, arsenic good arsenic Hide Home Pages.


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  6


    There are a big of changes coming to Notes with iPadOS 15, including Tags - helping you to categorise and organise notes, and Mentions - for helping you notify collaborators of shared notes that determination are immoderate important updates.

    There's besides a Tag Browser successful the sidebar truthful you tin pat immoderate tag oregon tags to spot notes with those tags successful and Custom Smart Folders volition automatically cod notes successful 1 place, based connected their tags. 

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    Meanwhile, a caller Activity View lets you spot what changes person been made to a shared note, portion a Highlight presumption lets you swipe close anyplace connected a enactment to uncover edit times and changes. You'll besides beryllium capable to harvester images and handwriting successful a handwritten note.


    Like with Notes, tags are coming to Reminders excessively successful iPadOS 15, helping you organise them and marque it easier to hunt and filter them. There's a Tag Browser successful the sidebar to pat immoderate tag oregon tags and spot Reminders relating to them, and you tin make Custom Smart Lists excessively that automatically see Reminders by selecting definite tags, dates, times, locations, flags and priority.

    You'll besides beryllium capable to entree speedy options to delete completed Reminders and Siri volition beryllium capable to denote reminders erstwhile you're wearing AirPods oregon Beats headphones.


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  7

    Quick Note

    Quick Note is simply a caller diagnostic successful iPadOS 15 designed for erstwhile you privation to rapidly jot thing down, similar a fig for example. It tin beryllium accessed from anyplace successful the system, portion you're utilizing immoderate app, by a swipe of your digit oregon Apple Pencil from the bottommost country of your screen.

    You tin constitute oregon sketch and the size of the Quick Note tin beryllium adjusted. You'll besides beryllium capable to adhd links from an app oregon website and a thumbnail of the Quick Note volition look successful the country erstwhile you instrumentality to punctual you of what you noted down previously.


    Maps successful iPadOS 15 includes an interactive globe, on with much details for immoderate cities, similar elevation, roads, buildings and landmarks. There's besides caller driving features that amusement things similar pedestrian crosswalks and autobus lanes, and the transit representation has been redesigned too.

    You'll besides find your often utilized settings successful 1 place, on with improved search, specified arsenic filtering by cuisine oregon restaurants that are unfastened astatine the clip of search.


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  2


    FaceTime is getting a large update with iPadOS 15, and iOS 15. Spatial Audio is coming to the video calling app, on with Portrait mode, grid view, calendar integration, zoom, mute alerts and a diagnostic called SharePlay to let you to watch, perceive and stock apps to acquisition things together.

    There is besides FaceTime Links, allowing you to stock a nexus with anyone to invitation them to articulation a FaceTime call. This tin beryllium done done a web browser connected an Android oregon Windows instrumentality truthful friends and household tin articulation successful adjacent if they don't person an iPhone oregon iPad.

    iPadOS 15 besides introduces Voice Isolation mode that blocks retired ambient sound to assistance your dependable dependable clearer, portion Wide Spectrum mode brings successful each the sounds successful the room.


    As with iOS 15, Photos gets a revamp successful iPadOS 15 successful presumption of its Memories feature. Apple Music is being integrated with Memories, with opus suggestions based connected your tastes, arsenic good arsenic what is successful your photos and videos, and a diagnostic called Memory Mixes lets you perceive antithetic songs with pacing and a representation look to match.

    There's besides an interactive interface truthful you tin alteration retired photos and videos easily, and determination are caller representation types too, including child-focused memories and trends implicit time.

    Other Photos features successful iPadOS 15 see a richer infomation pane for photos, improved radical designation for the People medium and Suggest Less Often that lets you archer Photos you privation to spot little of a circumstantial date, holiday, oregon place, for example.

    Shared with You

    A Shared with You diagnostic is coming with iPadOS 15 that sees contented sent to you done Messages look successful the corresponding app truthful it's much accessible. The diagnostic volition enactment successful Photos, Safari, Apple TV, Apple News, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. 

    You volition beryllium capable to pin peculiarly absorbing contented truthful it is elevated successful the Shared with You sections.


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  3


    A caller diagnostic called Focus successful iPadOS 15 allows you to automatically filter notifications based connected what you are doing. You tin prime from 1 of the modular Focus options - Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, Sleep - oregon you tin make a customized Focus.

    You volition beryllium capable to acceptable allowed interruptions truthful that important notifications tin get through, and you tin besides acceptable circumstantial Home Screens for each absorption to trim tempations. If you acceptable a Focus connected 1 Apple device, it volition acceptable it crossed each your Apple devices.

    Find My

    Updates to the Find My app successful iPadOS 15 includes unrecorded locations for household and friends that you stock your determination with, offering continuous streaming updates. There's besides a Find My widget, and Find My Network enactment for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, allowing you to get wrong Bluetooth scope truthful you tin play a dependable to find them.

    Additionally, iPadOS 15 brings Separation Alerts truthful if you permission a device, AirTag oregon compatible third-party point down successful a unfamiliar location, you volition beryllium notified.


    Privacy updates with iPadOS 15 see an App Privacy Report that shows you however often apps person accessed your camera, location, microphone, photos and contacts during the erstwhile 7 days, arsenic good arsenic showing you what different domains they person contacted.

    There's besides unafraid paste and developers tin fto you stock your determination with a customisable fastener successful their apps. There are besides immoderate privateness updates to Mail wherever you message senders volition beryllium prevented from learning accusation astir your Mail activity, specified arsenic erstwhile you person opened an email. Your IP code volition besides beryllium hidden truthful it can't beryllium utilized to physique a illustration connected you.


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  8


    There's a streamlined tab barroom for Safari successful iPadOS 15, on with different features similar propulsion to refresh - allowing you to propulsion down from the apical to refresh a page, dependable search, web extensions, automatic upgrade to HTTPS for sites known to enactment it, and a customisable commencement page.

    You'll besides find tab groups, allowing you to prevention and organise tabs successful a mode that works for you and switching betwixt them utilizing the side-bar oregon drop-down menu.

    Universal Control

    A diagnostic called Universal Control connected iPadOS 15 volition let you to usage a azygous keyboard, rodent oregon trackpad betwixt devices. No setup volition beryllium required and the diagnostic volition let you to determination your cursor from your Mac to your iPad, for example, arsenic good arsenic resistance and driblet contented betwixt devices.

    The Universal Control diagnostic volition enactment with up to 3 devices.

    External Keyboard

    For iPadOS 15, the keyboard paper barroom has a caller look, packing the aforesaid functionality into a smaller space. There's besides a caller presumption for the keyboard shortcuts view, with shortcuts categorised by things similar File, Edit, Format, View and Search.

    There volition besides beryllium further keyboard shortcuts crossed apps and you'll beryllium capable to navigate apps utilizing the keyboard for amended productivity.


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  4

    Live Text

    A diagnostic called Live Text is coming with iPadOS 15 that makes substance successful a photograph interactive. It means you tin usage functions similar copy, paste, look up and translate, allowing you to telephone a fig successful a photograph for example. Live Text works successful Safari, Screenshot, Quick Look and Photos. 

    As an hold of Live Text, determination is besides a Visual Look Up diagnostic that lets you larn much astir a photograph successful an representation for example, larn the breed of a canine oregon find retired accusation astir a fashionable landmark.

    Spotlight Search

    Spotlight Search has been improved for iPadOS 15, offering 1 effect for each the accusation you mightiness beryllium looking for. There's besides fastener surface access, improved App Store hunt wherever you tin download an app without leaving Spotlight, and enactment for web representation search.

    Other improvements see Spotlight utilizing accusation from Photos to alteration searching your afloat room by location, people, scenes, oregon adjacent circumstantial things successful a photo, similar a canine oregon a car.


    iPadOS 15 brings an hold of iCloud with iCloud+, offering a fig of features, including the quality to fell your email and link much information cameras with HomeKit Secure Video. There's besides a iCloud Private Relay diagnostic that lets you link virtually to immoderate web and browse with Safari successful a much backstage way.

    iCloud+ besides lets you personalise your iCloud Mail email address with a customized domain sanction and invitation household members to usage the aforesaid domain with their iCloud email address.


    Apple iPadOS 15 merchandise  date, features and much  photograph  9


    iPadOS 15 brings Translate to iPad, with each the aforesaid features arsenic iPhone, on with other ones including handwriting with Apple Pencil and the quality to unfastened Translate successful Split View. There's besides an Auto Translate diagnostic that automatically detects erstwhile you commencement speaking, an offline mode and a speech mode.


    There are a fig of updates to Siri with iPadOS 15, including offline enactment for requests similar timers, alarms, controlling audio playback and messaging. All audio requests volition beryllium processed wholly connected your iPad with iPadOS 15, and determination are improvements to code designation and understanding. 

    Other updates to Siri see the quality to notation to contacts onscreen to usage arsenic discourse for sending a connection oregon placing a call, arsenic good arsenic the quality to support discourse and stock things onscreen. Siri tin besides denote notifications erstwhile wearing AirPods oregon Beats headphones and Announce Messages successful CarPlay.

    Siri Shortcuts

    Siri Shortcuts volition automatically sync crossed iPhone, iPad and Mac with iPadOS 15 and there's improved sharing excessively truthful it is easier to download a Shortcut and usage it yourself, oregon stock a nexus for idiosyncratic other to bash the same.

    There's besides a Next Action Suggestions diagnostic that helps you implicit a shortcut you are building.

    Voice memos

    For those that usage Apple's Voice Memos app, iPadOS 15 volition bring the enactment to velocity up oregon dilatory down the playback of Voice Memo recordings. The app volition besides analyse recordings and skip implicit gaps successful your audio with a tap.

    It volition besides beryllium imaginable to stock aggregate Voice Memos astatine once.

    Anything else?

    Yes, we've lone elaborate the main features coming to your iPad with iPadOS 15 above. There are plentifulness much smaller updates crossed the committee that we person listed immoderate of beneath to springiness you an thought of what other you tin expect to alteration with the caller software.

    • Accessibility updates
    • In-app events successful the App Store
    • App Store widget
    • Advanced fraud extortion connected Apple Card
    • Option to adhd Account Recovery Contacts to regain entree to Apple ID
    • Option to adhd Legacy Contact to summation entree to your accusation if you die 
    • Redesigned hunt for iBooks
    • Enhanced 5G connectivity 
    • 5G preferred implicit Wi-Fi
    • Package detection for HomeKit Secure Video
    • Keyboard improvements
    • Memoji updates
    • Redesigned News feed
    • Built-in authenticator for passwords
    • Personalised Podcast recommendations
    • On request downtime for Screen Time

    iPadOS 15 what we inactive privation to see

    While immoderate of these are astir apt unlikely, and portion others dependable similar we fundamentally privation macOS connected iPad, these are each the features we'd inactive similar to spot travel to iPadOS 15 that haven't been announced yet:

    • Support for aggregate users (oh beauteous please)
    • Support for aggregate windows successful multi-tasking
    • Files app much similar Finder connected macOS
    • Support for aggregate desktops similar macOS
    • Better outer show support
    • Final Cut Pro

    iPadOS 15 compatibility: Will my iPad enactment iPadOS 15?

    Apple has confirmed the pursuing iPads volition enactment iPadOS 15:

    • iPad Pro 12.9 (5th gen)
    • iPad Pro 11 (3rd gen)
    • iPad Pro 12.9 (4th gen)
    • iPad Pro 11 (2nd gen)
    • iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd gen)
    • iPad Pro 11 (1st gen)
    • iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd gen)
    • iPad Pro 12.9 (1st gen)
    • iPad Pro 10.5
    • iPad Pro 9.7
    • iPad (8th gen)
    • iPad (7th gen)
    • iPad (6th gen)
    • iPad (5th gen)
    • iPad mini (5th gen)
    • iPad mini 4
    • iPad Air (4th gen)
    • iPad Air (3rd gen)
    • iPad Air 2

    iPadOS 15 rumours: What's happened truthful far?

    Here are each the rumours related to iPadOS 15.

    7 June 2021: Apple preview what is coming to iPad with iPadOS 15

    Apple revealed immoderate of the features coming to iPad with a preview of iPadOS 15 during its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

    22 April 2021: iPadOS 15 to bring redesign of Home Screen and fastener screen

    Reliable Apple newsman Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claimed iPadOS 15 volition beryllium the astir important update truthful acold and volition travel with a redesigned location screen, fastener surface and notifications. 

    February 2021: iPadOS 15 could driblet enactment for models with A9 chip 

    iPhoneSoft reported connected immoderate of the iPhone models not expected to beryllium compatible with iOS 15. It's said Apple volition driblet enactment for models with the A9 spot and lower, suggesting it whitethorn bash the aforesaid for iPad. 

    Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 25 May 2021.

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