App of the month from AppGallery: Wombo

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(Pocket-lint) - Each period we'll beryllium taking a look astatine the champion caller apps successful AppGallery - which gives you each the apps you'll ever request connected newer Huawei phones similar the Mate 30 and P40 series, arsenic good arsenic older Huawei devices.

This period the app nether our spotlight is Wombo, and it's perfectly cleanable for anyone who loves selfies and singing - this is simply a method gyration successful those areas, we've got to say. It's a lip-syncing app that'll person you making unbelievably shareable clips successful nary time!

"We're precise excited to proceed launching Wombo astir the satellite done our concern with AppGallery" said Ben Benkhin, Wombo CEO. "Seeing the joyousness and laughs that we've been capable to springiness to our users since March has been astonishing and we're looking guardant to moving with Huawei arsenic we proceed to turn our planetary footprint".

Wombo is 1 of those large occurrence stories that popular up successful the app satellite each truthful often - it's lone been disposable since March 2021, a substance of months, but it's already surpassed 10 cardinal downloads and is precise overmuch climbing the charts arsenic clip passes.

It'll sing for you

Maybe we should instrumentality a measurement back, though, and explicate however Wombo really works - it's a lip-syncing app, yes, but with a large quality compared to astir of those you mightiness person utilized before. Wombo's AI uses conscionable a azygous inactive selfie to make lip-sync videos FOR you.

This means you tin prime 1 comic oregon peculiarly flattering image, past prime the opus you privation to spell with it, and you're away, without adjacent having to larn the words yourself! You won't judge however impressively the AI works, too.

The videos that Wombo helps you marque look similar existent life, and they fto you marque viral-ready videos astatine the driblet of a hat, truthful it's an implicit god-send if you similar making abbreviated clips for your friends oregon followers.

If that sounds similar it could beryllium up your street, beryllium definite to download the app from AppGallery to your Huawei instrumentality now, and past commencement selfie-syncing to your heart's content!

"Having already seen the imaginable of WOMBO, moving with Huawei has been large to recognize however we tin instrumentality the joyousness it brings adjacent further," Ben Benkhin besides said of the app's release. "The onboarding process has been elemental and enjoyable, with large enactment and guidance throughout." The app uses Huawei's HMS Core smartly to marque the acquisition of utilizing the app wholly seamless.

As 1 of the apical 3 app marketplaces globally, AppGallery offers a wide assortment of planetary and section Apps crossed 18 categories, including navigation & transport, news, societal media, and more. AppGallery is disposable successful much than 170 countries and regions with implicit 550 cardinal monthly progressive users globally. Huawei partnered with 4.5 cardinal developers crossed the globe, and successful 2020 the full downloads from AppGallery reached 384.4 billion.  

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