Another Trumper Bites The Dust As Hunter Biden Laptop Guy Loses Defamation Lawsuit

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The machine repairman who claimed to person Hunter Biden’s laptop mislaid his defamation suit and indispensable wage Twitter’s ineligible fees.

Law & Crime reported:

A national tribunal successful Florida has dismissed a defamation suit filed against Twitter by the Delaware machine repairman who concisely captured nationalist attraction during the Hunter Biden laptop story. The suit was dismissed with prejudice, meaning it cannot beryllium filed again, and the plaintiff was ordered to wage Twitter’s attorneys’ fees.


Twitter besides successfully argued for attorneys’ fees by claiming Mac Isaac’s suit was truly an anti-strategic suit against nationalist information (anti-SLAPP), a ineligible enactment intended to chill escaped speech.

The Hunter Biden laptop feline tried to writer Twitter for defamation, adjacent though Twitter did not defame him, and each helium got retired of it was a monolithic ineligible bill.

The Hunter Biden laptop communicative was a implicit fiasco that rapidly fell apart.

It turned retired that the emails from Hunter Biden that Trump and Giuliani claimed to person were not from Hunter Biden’s laptop but were Russian propaganda that came from Ukraine.

No substance however overmuch Trump and his Fox News allies tried to propulsion it, the Hunter Biden laptop communicative went nowhere, and arsenic usual, erstwhile it comes to Trump, idiosyncratic is near to wage the terms for his corrupt harebrained schemes.

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