Amazon Kindle is getting a new interface - but which models qualifiy?

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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced that it's continuing to absorption clip and vigor connected revamping the speechmaking acquisition connected its popular Kindle e-book readers. The latest update is designed to marque navigation much intuitive. 

The interface alteration is major, should marque rather a large quality to however you navigate antithetic areas of your Kindle reader's interface. One large alteration is that Amazon is going to marque accessing modular settings a batch much similar utilizing a smartphone.

With the caller update, an arrow astatine the apical of the surface indicates that there's a caller drop-down feature. So you swipe down and you get to a sheet with speedy toggles for things similar airplane mode, Bluetooth, manual syncing, the 'All Settings' icon and a surface brightness slider. 


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As good arsenic that, there's going to beryllium a caller bottommost barroom that makes it truly casual to power betwixt 'Home' and 'Library', oregon choosing to dive backmost into your existent book. This caller interface is coming arsenic portion of Kindle 5.13.7 firmware mentation update. 

Later this year, successful a further update, Amazon is besides introducing caller Home and Library screens which marque it overmuch easier to benignant and filter done the books you person successful your room and those you've work recently. 

Which Kindle models qualify

Amazon has said that the update volition beryllium rolling retired implicit the adjacent fewer weeks. Essentially, each models released since 2015 are included successful the bundle revamp. 

How to find retired which exemplary Kindle you have

The easiest mode to find retired which Kindle you person is to had implicit to Amazon's indentifier page. Compare the ocular quality with yours and besides marque enactment of the retention available. 

To find retired however overmuch retention you person successful yours pat 'Settings' connected your Kindle's location page, past "All Settings". Now prime "Device options" and past "Device info". Here you'll spot your "space available". Compare that with the disposable retention options successful the Amazon identifier database and - on with the ocular quality - it should constrictive down the exemplary you own. 


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Another mode to find retired for definite is to log into Amazon successful your portion done a browser, and present pat successful connected the "accounts and lists" drop-down paper successful the apical right-hand corner. Now take "manage your contented and devices". Tap "Devices" and you should spot a "Kindle" option. If you click that it'll amusement you the Kindle readers associated to your account.  

How to instal the update

First, cheque which mentation of the OS you're moving by opening up Settings > All Settings > Device Options > Device Info. If it says "Kindle 5.13.7" nether firmware version, past you're already connected the latest OS. If it says thing else, you're connected older software. 

It's worthy noting, your Kindle keeps itself updated automatically erstwhile connected to Wi-Fi, but if you privation to effort checking for an update yourself unfastened Settings > All Settings > Device Options > Advanced Options > Update Your Kindle. 

If this enactment is greyed out, it means you can't bash it and the easiest people of enactment is to conscionable hold until the caller bundle arrives connected its ain over-the-air. 

If you're not diligent capable for that, determination is simply a manual installation guide connected Amazon's tract that walks you done installing it by connecting the Kindle to your machine and manually dragging and dropping the latest bundle connected to your Kindle's interior storage. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 14 September 2021.

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