All the new integrations that Salesforce and Slack announced at Dreamforce

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Salesforce sees Slack arsenic the centerpiece of what it calls the "Digital HQ" that volition powerfulness the aboriginal of distant work, and its caller integrations bring the 2 platforms person than ever.

At Salesforce's yearly Dreamforce lawsuit today, the institution announced respective caller Slack tools and Slack/Salesforce integrations that it said "empower everyone to collaborate successful channels that unite interior and outer teams and streamline workflows."

Salesforce purchased Slack successful December 2020, cementing its relation successful the workspace collaboration abstraction that exploded successful maturation acknowledgment to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, astatine Dreamforce 2021, we get a existent look astatine the Digital HQ that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff described erstwhile the Slack/Salesforce acquisition was finalized. 

Rob Seaman, SVP of merchandise for Slack astatine Salesforce, told TechRepublic's Bill Detwiler that helium sees a aboriginal successful which Salesforce and Slack pb the mode toward its Digital HQ exemplary of work. "We privation to beryllium capable to accidental we fundamentally changed retail, medicine, commerce, concern ... due to the fact that we created the Digital HQ," Seaman said. 

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A fig of Salesforce/Slack integrations were announced, and arsenic is often the lawsuit with these types of integrations, astir of the ones announced astatine Dreamforce halfway connected providing accusation astir assorted Salesforce products wrong Slack. 

Here's a speedy rundown of each the caller Slack/Salesforce integrations that were announced: 

  • Slack-First Commerce gives teams a amended knowing of their businesses by alerting Slack users to caller trends, alerts and different messages that whitethorn not beryllium spotted without idiosyncratic being logged successful to a abstracted product. 
  • Slack-First Experience is designed to negociate selling campaigns, and provender information connected recently published contented and way metrics.
  • Slack-First Platform is simply a caller low-code improvement level that lets users make workflows and actions for Salesforce wrong of Slack. 
  • Trailhead for Slack is simply a caller personalized AI-based learning level that funnels employees done indispensable grooming and nonrecreational improvement courses wrong of Slack.
  • MuleSoft for Slack adds the quality to link immoderate extracurricular app to Slack to assistance destruct discourse switching.
  • Quip for Slack gives income teams the quality to embed Quip documents into Slack.

Along with the integrations, 3 caller standalone Slack features are being added that Salesforce said are designed to "streamline connection with anyone," some wrong and retired of an organization.

Slack Clips are abbreviated video recordings that users tin instrumentality of themselves (and see a surface seizure if needed) and people to Slack arsenic a mode of collaborating asynchronously. Noah Weiss, SVP of merchandise astatine Slack for integer HQ products, said that Clips are a batch similar an asynchronous mentation of Huddles, informal speedy video meetings that Slack introduced successful June 2021

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Also announced was Slack Connect, a caller mode for Slack-using businesses to pass with outer partners oregon customers without them needing to person a Slack account, and GovSlack, a caller mentation of Slack for authorities agencies and their contractors that are required to conform to authorities information regulations. 

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