Chris Wallace Quits Fox News On The Air And Bolts For CNN

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Chris Wallace dropped a astonishment connected Sunday arsenic helium announced connected his amusement that helium is instantly leaving Fox News.


Fox News appears to person been caught by astonishment by Chris Wallace announcing that helium is leaving arsenic of today.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 12, 2021

The New York Times reported that Wallace is leaving Fox for CNN’s caller streaming work and that the tv manufacture was caught disconnected defender by his departure, “His exit from Fox News came arsenic a astonishment to the tv quality manufacture and volition deprive the web of a salient fig who has been the look of its influential Sunday programme Fox News Sunday, and the archetypal anchor astatine the web to person an Emmy Award information for his work.”

Obviously, Fox News didn’t hole immoderate large goodbyes oregon tributes to Wallace. After 18 years, Wallace conscionable announced that helium was leaving and was gone. In contrast, erstwhile MSNBC’s Brian Williams near this week, helium had a month-long farewell, and viewers knew successful beforehand that helium was going.

Chris Wallace is 1 of the Fox News anchors who objected to Tucker Carlson and the progressively achromatic supremacist/ home terrorist/right-wing extremist code of Fox’s programming.

Fox News has mislaid 1 of their fewer remaining credible voices, arsenic Wallace’s departure signals the network’s accelerating descent into right-wing extremism.

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