Alan Wake Remastered Is Coming This Fall

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Alan Wake is stepping backmost into the spotlight (or flashlight?) acknowledgment to the uncover of the much-rumored remastered variation of his surreal 2010 adventure. Alan Wake Remastered arrives aboriginal this twelvemonth and bundles the main game, its 2 DLC expansions, The Signal and The Writer, and commentary from Remedy originative manager Sam Lake. The full bundle is shined up to a 4K polish to springiness fans and newcomers the best-looking mentation of the supernatural thriller. 

Remedy revealed the crippled successful a unsocial manner by posting an unfastened missive penned by Sam Lake to instrumentality community, The Sudden Stop. The enthusiast website covers each things Alan Wake and Remedy arsenic a whole. Thus, the workplace decided determination was nary amended spot to unveil the crippled than successful beforehand of its astir passionate followers. 

"Alan Wake Remastered is the archetypal acquisition you fell successful emotion with each those years ago. We did not privation to alteration that. But the visuals each around, including the quality exemplary of Alan Wake himself and the cinematics, person been updated and improved with immoderate prime next-generation upgrades," explains Sam Lake successful the letter. 

If you haven’t played Alan Wake, the intelligence fearfulness crippled tells the communicative of the titular writer who, aft suffering a agelong bout of writer’s block, travels with his wife, Alice, to the tiny water municipality of Bright Falls successful hunt of inspiration. Alice mysteriously vanishes soon aft arriving, and Alan discovers his penning is coming to beingness acknowledgment to a malevolent phenomenon. A  acheronian unit has besides possessed the town, taking the signifier of shadiness creatures. Their lone weakness is light, truthful a flashlight serves arsenic your superior limb successful what becomes a harrowing, Twin Peaks-esque mystery.  

In our review, we scored Alan Wake 8.5 retired of 10, with Game Informer editor-in-chief Andrew Reiner describing it arsenic “an engaging fearfulness enigma that brings the bosom of Stephen King’s benignant of storytelling to the interactive medium.” The crippled has since acquired a cult following, and portion a existent sequel has yet to happen, 2019’s Control brought Alan Wake backmost to the limelight by establishing a connective insubstantial to its events some successful the basal crippled and with its 2nd expansion, AWE. Could the remaster beryllium laying down much way for an Alan Wake 2? We surely anticipation so, but we’re much than blessed to revisit his debut outing successful the meantime. 

Alan Wake Remastered is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The archetypal Alan Wake was an Xbox 360 exclusive, truthful the remaster marks its archetypal quality connected PlayStation platforms. Since Epic is publishing the game, it volition besides beryllium disposable connected PC arsenic an Epic Store exclusive.

This remaster is acold from the lone task Remedy has successful the works. Read here to learn much astir its adjacent large rubric arsenic good arsenic its follow-up to Control. 

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