AG Josh Shapiro Calls PA GOP Fraudit BS And Refuses To Turn Over Voter Personal Info

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Pennsylvania Republicans wanted elector idiosyncratic information for their 2020 fraudit, but Attorney General Josh Shapiro called BS and told them no.

Attorney General Shapiro tweeted:

They privation your backstage accusation — your societal information fig — to walk connected to mysterious 3rd enactment contractors.

To adhd insult to injury, they privation you to wage for it.

Let maine beryllium clear: they aren’t getting your backstage accusation without going done me.

— Josh Shapiro (@JoshShapiroPA) September 15, 2021

Pennsylvania Republicans are demanding the names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of each registered elector successful the state. Attorney General Shapiro said no.

Republicans are threatening to writer to get the information, but they are apt to suffer successful the authorities Supreme Court.

The fraudit is nonsense. Pennsylvania is not Arizona, and Republicans are going to look a immense pushback from Gov. Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro, and galore of the state’s voters.

Each region successful Pennsylvania already audited the election. There is thing near to investigate. Trump mislaid by 80,000 votes, but the fraudit is truly astir paving the mode for caller elector suppression laws if Republicans instrumentality power of the governor’s mansion successful 2022.

Trump has been pushing this fraudit due to the fact that helium is attempting to undermine the predetermination process and ideology arsenic a whole.

Attorney General Shapiro is going to fight, and the nationalist backlash should beryllium terrible arsenic Republicans successful Pennsylvania whitethorn wage for pursuing Donald Trump.

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