Endangered maleo bird of Indonesia bouncing back from the brink

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Life 30 July 2021

By Joshua Rapp Learn

maleo bird

The maleo (Macrocephalon maleo) digs nest and incubates its eggs successful blistery sand

Kevin Schafer/ALTO

Maleos, colourful Indonesian birds that look a spot similar quirky chickens, are endangered. But an inaugural to support the taxon has helped boost the fig of nesting birds astatine immoderate sites.

The maleo (Macrocephalon maleo) has a flashy achromatic and achromatic assemblage with a peach-coloured breast, a unusual helmet-like caput crest and a reddish orangish beak. It lays eggs 5 times the size of a chickenhearted egg, and the young tin alert astir arsenic soon arsenic they hatch …

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