AFL agrees on bounce time for Perth grand final

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For the 2nd twelvemonth running, the AFL Grand Final volition beryllium broadcast astatine nighttime for Australia's eastbound coast, with league executives agreeing the opening bounce of the Perth fixture volition beryllium immoderate clip betwixt 7pm and 7.20pm AEST.

For those successful Western Australia, where the expansive last is being held astatine Optus Stadium for the archetypal time, that means a twilight match.

The AFL Grand Final has traditionally been played successful an day timeslot, but with the showpiece forced to relocate for 2 consecutive years present owed to COVID-19, the league has opted to portion ways with tradition.

Last year's expansive last kicked disconnected astatine 7.30pm (AEDT), which was 6.30pm astatine the Gabba. The 2021 expansive last appears to beryllium pursuing suit.

Optus Stadium. (Getty)

However, the aboriginal clip slot has reportedly raised concerns for assemblage viewership, with an estimated 10pm decorativeness proving a pugnacious measure for young families.

According to a study successful The Age, AFL executives met with broadcasters yesterday day wherever the bounce clip for this year's lucifer was narrowed down to a 20-minute play betwixt 7pm and 7.20pm (AEST).

"West Australian footy fans are arsenic passionate arsenic immoderate successful the state and the stadium successful Perth with a capableness assemblage of 60,000 successful attendance volition beryllium an astonishing spectacle," AFL brag Gillon McLachlan said past week.

"This is the biggest azygous time of athletics successful Australia's calendar and we're going to bash it properly. Perth's going to bash it decently and we're going to pb successful decently and that's the accidental by playing successful Western Australia."

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