Ex-Barcelona coach denies sexual abuse claims

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Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is "surprised and stunned" the erstwhile manager of Barcelona's younker teams has been accused of sexually abusing dozens of erstwhile pupils astatine a nationalist schoolhouse wherever helium besides worked.

Xavi spoke soon aft authorities successful northeastern Spain said they were opening an probe aft paper ARA reported that implicit 60 of his erstwhile students impeach Albert Benaiges of having sexually abused them portion helium was a carnal acquisition teacher astatine a nationalist schoolhouse successful Barcelona.

ARA said Benaiges has denied immoderate wrongdoing.

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Albert Benaiges ran Barcelona's famed La Masia academy for astir 2 decades. (Getty)

It seems nary of the erstwhile players for Barcelona person joined the accusations.

The 71-year-old Benaiges was a cardinal subordinate of Barcelona's younker grooming academy from 1991-2011, coinciding with a procreation of the club's champion players, including Andres Iniesta and Xavi.

After stints overseas with overseas clubs, Benaiges returned to Barcelona past twelvemonth pursuing the instrumentality of Joan Laporta to its presidency.

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Xavi Hernandez during the Champions League lucifer betwixt Bayern Munich and Barcelona. (Getty)

He resigned past week for idiosyncratic reasons, the nine said.

"I don't person immoderate accusation that determination person been immoderate benignant of these episodes, though that does not mean that they did not happen," Xavi said astatine a regular pre-match quality conference.

"He was my manager and I ne'er had immoderate suspicions. I americium precise amazed and stunned, I didn't expect it.

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"This is simply a precise delicate, precise analyzable issue," Xavi added.

"I person spoken with the coaching unit due to the fact that we emotion Albert Benaiges precise much. It has amazed america a lot. We ever had an fantabulous relationship, and helium near a precise bully legacy. It is the justness strategy that volition person to decide."

Barcelona president Joan Laporta said the nine was analysing the accusation regarding the case.

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"This antheral who near the nine for idiosyncratic reasons was hired for his endowment astatine uncovering players and evaluating the endowment of young players," Laporta said.

"What the nine is doing is collecting each the accusation that is coming retired truthful we tin marque an authoritative statement.

"I volition besides accidental that anyone who tries to nexus Barcelona to his contented successful an improper mode volition person a steadfast effect by the nine to support its morganatic interests."

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