208 House Republicans Voted Against Bill Requiring Russian Election Interference Be Reported To The FBI

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208 House Republicans voted against the Protecting Our Democracy Act which would necessitate candidates to study overseas predetermination interference to the FBI.

The New York Times reported:

The enactment would besides fortify the Constitution’s antecedently obscure prohibition connected presidents taking emoluments, oregon payments, by extending anticorruption prohibition to commercialized transactions. Mr. Trump’s refusal to divest from his hotels raised the question of whether lobbyists and different governments that began paying for galore rooms astatine Trump resorts — and sometimes not utilizing them — were trying to acquisition his favor.

The measure would besides necessitate campaigns to study immoderate offers of overseas assistance to the FBI — a connection that resonates with episodes unearthed successful the Russia investigation, specified arsenic erstwhile Donald Trump Jr. and different elder run officials met astatine Trump Tower with Russians they were told had ungraded connected Hillary Clinton.

The measure passed 220-208 with conscionable 1 House Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), voting against Russian interference successful elections.  The Republican Party opposes stopping overseas governments similar Putin and Russia from interfering successful US elections.

Republicans person gone from turning a unsighted oculus to Russian predetermination interference to actively opposing efforts to halt it.

The GOP is trying to permission the backdoor unfastened for enemies of ideology to interfere successful US elections.

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