The FBI Needs To Visit Matt Gaetz And Steve Bannon As They Publicly Plot A New Coup

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Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon publically plotted to usage thousands of “troops” to destruct ideology connected Bannon’s podcast.

Steve Bannon And Matt Gaetz Discuss Replacing Democracy With An Authoritarian Regime


Bannon said, “4,000 daze troops we person to person that’s going to antheral the government. Get them acceptable now. Right? We’re going to deed the formation with the landing teams and the beachhead teams and each that nomenclature they usage erstwhile President Trump wins successful 2024 — oregon before. You’re going to person those arsenic the 4,000 governmental appointees.”

Bannon said that determination would beryllium nary much Trey Gowdys and that the unit that helium is putting unneurotic would beryllium similar Gaetz.

Gaetz agreed and jumped in, “And we’re going to spell aft this administrative state, and we’re going to commencement astatine the Department of Justice and the FBI. That’s the occupation I want. You know, nonstop maine implicit to the Judiciary Committee, and their sphincters volition tighten due to the fact that they person been doing a batch of corrupt things implicit there.”

Bannon dropped the names of Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Hayes arsenic the brains of the cognition connected the left.

Gaetz claimed that trying to instrumentality implicit and overthrow ideology is patriotic.

Bannon and Gaetz were talking astir imposing authoritarianism. There volition nary longer beryllium 3 abstracted but adjacent branches of government. They privation to spot power of Congress nether the powerfulness of the president, which is undemocratic.

Bannon and Gaetz are some apt to beryllium convicts wrong the adjacent year, but the FBI needs to wage some of them a visit.

Their speech suggests that they spot Trump arsenic thing much than a figurehead. Trump is the conveyance to present them to power.

The information to ideology goes beyond Trump. The authoritarian close won’t beryllium stopped by prosecuting the erstwhile president. They privation a war, and lone done defeating the authoritarians volition ideology beryllium saved.

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