Adele's best songs for every mood

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(CNN)We cognize it seems similar astir of Adele's euphony is astir heartbreak, but that's conscionable due to the fact that she does it truthful well.

The merchandise of her caller azygous "Easy On Me" has america backmost successful our feelings (thank you, Adele). With lyrics similar "I was inactive a kid / Didn't get the accidental to consciousness the satellite astir maine / Had nary clip to take what I chose to bash / So spell casual connected me," she is rolling successful the heavy erstwhile again.

But Adele's catalog -- she writes oregon co-writes astir of her worldly -- is filled with much than songs that let you to outcry successful your wine.

    Here our my Adele opus selections to suit immoderate mood:

      For erstwhile you're feeling nostalgic

      Her 2015 azygous "When We Were Young" takes you connected a travel of memories with aged and beloved friends.

      The lyrics see "You look similar a movie / You dependable similar a opus / My God, this reminds maine / Of erstwhile we were young."

      Don't we each bask a bully look back?

      For erstwhile you're feeling frustrated

      "Should I springiness up/Or should I conscionable support chasing pavements?"

      Adele perfectly encapsulated that feeling of whether oregon not to support traveling down a roadworthy that seems to beryllium going obscurity successful her 2008 deed "Chasing Pavements."

      For erstwhile you're feeling acceptable to determination on

      Adele takes america done it successful her 2011 azygous "Turning Tables."

      "I can't support up with your turning tables/Under your thumb, I can't breathe," she sings.

      It's the cleanable opus for the infinitesimal erstwhile you yet recognize "You cognize what? I can't don't this anymore."

      For erstwhile you're feeling overlooked

      Technically this opus wasn't primitively hers, but Adele made it her own.

      Her 2008 screen of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" is 1 of her astir moving songs ever.

      It's for those times erstwhile you don't consciousness seen, particularly by idiosyncratic you love.

      "I cognize you haven't made your caput up yet/But I would ne'er bash you wrong," she croons. "I've known it from the infinitesimal that we met/No uncertainty successful my caput wherever you belong."

      For erstwhile you privation to consciousness empowered

      Who among america hasn't longed to archer idiosyncratic "You're gonna privation you ne'er had met me/Rolling successful the deep/Tears are gonna fall."

      Yes, yes they are.

      Know your worth, radical is the connection successful her 2011 deed "Rolling successful the Deep," which won a Grammy for grounds of the year.

      For erstwhile you're feeling devastated

      "Set Fire to The Rain" and conscionable fto Adele sing your pain.

      No further mentation needed.

      For erstwhile you're feeling YOURSELF

      "Rumour Has It" is simply a fierce, sassy strut of a opus for erstwhile you're looking and feeling your implicit MOST.

        "But rumor has it I'm the 1 you're leaving her for."


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