A Quiet Place Video Game Announced For 2022

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A video crippled based connected the deed fearfulness movie franchise, A Quiet Place, is successful the works. The upcoming rubric comes from Saber Interactive and Illogika and is coming sometime successful 2022.

If you're unfamiliar with the movies, they're acceptable successful a post-apocalyptic Earth overtaken by unsighted yet almighty monsters that are highly delicate to sound. The creatures person wiped retired astir of humanity and viciously hunt thing that generates noise, truthful survivors person adapted by surviving successful implicit silence. Precautions see maintaining isolation from different humans and utilizing motion connection to communicate. A Quiet Place deed theaters in 2018, and its sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, premiered successful May of this year, some to captious acclaim. 

A Quiet Place (the game) takes spot successful the aforesaid beingness arsenic the films but tells an archetypal story. Style-wise, it's a single-player story-driven fearfulness adventure, but neither Saber nor Illogika has revealed much than that. However, the companies committedness to stock much accusation aboriginal this year. 

Illogika serves arsenic the developer connected the task and has assisted connected assorted titles specified arsenic Cuphead, Hyper Scape, Spiritfarer, and Session. The Montreal-based workplace consists of seasoned ex-Ubisoft endowment from the Rainbox Six and Far Cry franchises.

Are you a instrumentality of the A Quiet Place films, and what would you similar to spot successful the video crippled adaptation? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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