61 best 3D prints: The crazy and coolest things people have printed

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(Pocket-lint) - The satellite of 3D printing is good and genuinely present with printers successful homes, online stores and adjacent supermarkets offering 3D printing services. The effect is each mode of weird and fantastic 3D printed objects.

In the location radical tin download oregon plan files and people disconnected objects successful plastic. This tin beryllium adjuvant for inexpensive and casual replacements of parts astir the house, speedy toys and adjacent furniture.

Then determination are metallic 3D printers arsenic good arsenic integrated models. These are mostly utilized by companies oregon universities and person created things similar guns and adjacent quality organs. Food printers are besides present making it imaginable to people sweets arsenic good arsenic due meals.

3D printing is helping to marque products look connected the marketplace faster arsenic cheaper and easier prototyping tin beryllium achieved. Cars person been 3D printed arsenic good arsenic basal houses. While they're inactive successful the aboriginal stages of improvement it's imaginable that the aboriginal of large-scale accumulation could beryllium 3D printed.

We've rounded up a wide scope of 3D printed products present close now.

Osaka University

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3D-bioprinted structured Wagyu beef

Scientists from Osaka University person been moving connected 3D printing a nutrient alternate that's said to beryllium comparable to Waygu beef. The "meat" contains muscle, abdominous and humor vessels arranged successful a mode that seemingly has a striking resemblance to the costly Waygu meat. 

The researchers person said this volition not lone assistance perchance supply an environmentally affable and sustainable alternate to nutrient but a customisable nutrient root too. Future customers volition beryllium capable to bid the nutrient customised with circumstantial levels of abdominous (for example) tailored to their needs. 

If you're funny successful the subject of it you tin work much about it here

A formed that helps you heal

Medical uses for 3D printing mightiness good beryllium our favourite usage of this tech.

In 2014, designer Deniz Karasahin created this superb conception of a caller formed for breached limbs that not lone looks awesome but besides helps the healing process. The 3D printed formed included a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound strategy that was designed to assistance damaged bones to heal faster - arsenic overmuch arsenic 38 per cent faster successful fact. 

3D printed pizza

Foodini is simply a 3D nutrient printer susceptible of printing an full pizza successful one. This printer, designed by Natural Machines doesn't conscionable nutrient pizzas, it tin negociate different foodstuffs arsenic good - burgers, spaghetti and more. Of course, a instrumentality similar this is reasonably high-end and successful 2016 1 of these printers would acceptable you backmost astir $2,000. But possibly this benignant of happening is simply a sensation of the future?


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Bio-printing replacement assemblage parts

3D printing is simply a reasonably breathtaking field, not conscionable successful creating caller gadgets and gizmos, but besides successful the tract of medicine. There person been assorted advancements successful the bio-printing abstraction implicit the past fewer years. These person included probe into 3D printing for insubstantial repair and reconstruction, limb replacement, kidney transplants and adjacent bosom transplant. 

Organovo has been pioneering this tech of precocious and was adjacent progressive successful 3D printing liver and kidney insubstantial that could beryllium utilized to dainty failing quality organs. An astonishing life-saving tech that we can't hold to spot aboriginal developments of. 

A dragon's head

Out of the Netherlands comes this fantastic 3D printed dragons caput which adorns a Game of Thrones-themed boat. 

It was printed by 3D NextLevel and painted by R-Brush but it besides awesome for different reasons - similar the information that it's equipped with a flamethrower and fume instrumentality for melodramatic effect. 

Hodor doorway stop

Game of Thrones fans volition either chortle softly oregon shed a azygous bittersweet teardrop implicit this one. A 3D printed doorway halt crafted to amusement the connection Hodor. 

The world's largest 3D printed boat

In October 2019, the University of Maine managed to acceptable not one, not two, but 3 Guinness World Records for utilizing the world's largest polymer 3D printer to people the largest vessel ever printed

The 25-foot, 5,000-pound 3D-printed vessel known as 3Dirigo mightiness not beryllium the astir breathtaking oregon interesting-looking 3D people connected our list, but it's surely an awesome feat. Even much truthful erstwhile you watch the timelapse of it being crafted. 

The prototype printer itself is thing peculiar too. A beast of a instrumentality that's capable to people immense entity arsenic overmuch arsenic 100-feet agelong by 22-feet wide and 10-feet high. It's said that the printer volition beryllium utilized for rapid prototyping of civilian, defence and infrastructure applications.

A small assistance for a furball

Instagrammer Kittenxlady posted this image successful 2017 showing her favourite small kitten rocking immoderate reasonably awesome customized 3D printed wheels. The purrrrrrrrrfect small setup to assistance the small furball get astir contempt wellness problems. 

Thomas Tetu/3dvarius

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A 3D printed electrical violin

With humble beginnings successful 2013, the 3Dvarius soon made a determination to Kickstarter with the committedness of an awesome looking 3D printed violin that was designed to make a symbiosis betwixt itself and the musician. Precise machining, an innovative plan and an eye-for-detail saw the 3Dvarius crook from a conception into a fully functioning philharmonic instrument that truly stands retired from the crowd.     

Darth Vader pen holder

While galore of the 3D printings connected this database mightiness beryllium useful, applicable oregon adjuvant successful 1 mode oregon another, immoderate are conscionable awesome. This small 3D printed mentation of Darth Vader is simply a fantastic example. The acheronian overlord has been turned into a humble pen holder, bowing the genu to his owner. 


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The world's archetypal 3D printed house

Back successful the hazy days of 2014, a backstage Chinese institution known arsenic WinSun crafted the archetypal ever 3D printed house. Four ample 3D printers were enactment to enactment to spray factual layer-by-layer to conception the walls. 

This 3D printing method was said to beryllium incredibly inexpensive and the deficiency of manpower progressive meant costs could beryllium kept adjacent lower. At the clip it was suggested that a location could beryllium printed for little than $5,000. 

A full-sized kayak

This astonishing kayak was 3D printed from a location printer conception by conception implicit 42 days. It was lovingly crafted by Jim Smith, a 3D Systems engineer, who made the trade from astir $500 worthy of materials. Those materials included ABS plastic, instrumentality screws, brass inserts and a steadfast dose of silicone caulk to support the canoe watertight. It took astir 1,012 hours to people but it works!

3D Systems

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Edible printings

In 2015, 3D Systems announced the ChefJet Pro 3D. A 3D printing instrumentality that was capable to 3D people sweets and candy treats. The effect is immoderate reasonably awesome edible creations with flavours ranging from cocoa to vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon.

A 3D printed pinhole camera

Pinhole is simply a camera that tin beryllium 3D printed and loads 35mm movie for shots. This device primitively started beingness connected Kickstarter earlier becoming a reality. It's designed to bring old-school photography to the modern age. The extremity effect is beauteous chill excessively arsenic the 3D printed camera is strong, robust and durable - overmuch much than modern integer cameras that could easy interruption if dropped. 

If you emotion this idea, you tin adjacent people your ain camera by following these instructions

Hawk University

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The Rapid Racer

The Rapid Racer was 3D printed with 3,600 layers and is powered by s modular 18V drill by Hawk University.

The Down Up Tap

The Down Up Tap makes drinking from a pat easier, should you consciousness the request to. This 3D printed pat is fundamentally a dual-nozzled h2o dispenser for your descend that combines the modular functionally of a mean pat with a drinking fountain. No request to soiled up your glasses, conscionable portion and go. 


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First ever 3D printed shot boots

In 2013, Nike showed off its caller plan of Vapour Laser Talon shot boots. These were the archetypal ever 3D printed shot boots that were designed to help athletes execute astatine their champion acknowledgment to a lightweight plan and almighty traction grips. 


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Porsche Cayman S

In 2013, Porsche released a escaped 3D printable record for its Cayman S. Fans of the car shaper could past people their ain conveyance and adjacent colour it whichever mode they wanted. Sure it's not arsenic chill arsenic the existent thing, but it is considerably cheaper and authoritative too. 

The insubstantial aeroplane gun

Looking to up your insubstantial aeroplane game? Then this 3D printed monster whitethorn beryllium the instrumentality you need. The 3D printed A6 V10 Paper Airplane weapon tin occurrence planes automatically and successful ample quantities. 

It mightiness not beryllium overmuch to look at, but 1 mentation of this 3D printed gun, known arsenic the PFM-A5 V2 was susceptible of holding up to 200 sheets of A5 insubstantial and firing 120 insubstantial planes a minute.

3D printed modular laptop

The Pi-Top is simply a 3D printed modular laptop that's designed to thatch users however to people circuitry, larn to codification and make awesome devices for the future.  This quirky (and amazingly cheap) instrumentality was created to promote users to invent caller gadgets, gizmos and absorbing creations for the future. 

A 3D printed tortoise shell

Say hullo to Cleopatra, a tortoise with a 3D-printed prosthesis. She suffers from pyramiding owed to mediocre nutrition, meaning her existent ammunition has holes and breached parts that could get infected, but Roger Henry, a pupil from Colorado Technical University, designed her a caller 3D-printed ammunition made of biodegradable corn-based plastic. She's besides being decently fed by the Canyon Critters Reptile Rescue HQ successful Colorado, and her caller 3D-printed ammunition is expected to support her until her existent ammunition heals successful a fewer years.


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3D connected the rocks

A Japanese advertizing bureau called TBWA/Hakuhodo created crystal pieces called "3D connected the rocks" to advertise Suntory Whisky, but it utilized Autodesk 123D, 3D designs, and a CNC router to carve the designs retired of an crystal block. The full process is rather akin to 3D printing. The representation supra is conscionable 1 of the galore crystal pieces the bureau made.


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A reconstructed Toucan beak

3D printing surely has plentifulness of awesome imaginable uses. This superb drawback shows conscionable however overmuch quality this printing tech tin make, not lone to quality lives but besides to the animals that inhabit our satellite arsenic well. Here, a Toucan has had its beak reconstructed with the powerfulness of a 3D printer. 

3D printed artwork for the blind

3D printed objects are changing lives each implicit the satellite successful wonderfully antithetic ways.

This superb use sees classical paintings and artwork being transformed into 3D printed sculptures. In this form, it is hoped that the visually impaired volition person a accidental to acquisition and admit the creation successful caller and awesome ways similar they couldn't before. 

Mobility for a puppy

This photograph is impervious from Reddit that 3D printed prosthetics and mobility immunodeficiency aren't conscionable for humans. This mediocre small canine has unluckily mislaid the usage of his legs, but present has immoderate 3D printed wheels to assistance him zip astir the place. 

Google Droid

When 1 Redditor's instrumentality bound member was owed to commencement a occupation astatine Google they took to the 3D printer to marque them thing awesome to enactment arsenic a table buddy. A batch of thought went into this small printing arsenic well. Not lone does the Droid's caput determination (and travel off) but it besides has magnets built into its posterior to support it successful the wheelchair. 

Dragon lamp

The past bid of Game of Thrones mightiness good person had fans of the bid divided connected whether it was immoderate bully oregon not, but there's nary denying the dragons were awesome. Making the astir of the emotion for the winged mythical creatures, 1 Etsy seller has taken to crafting awesome 3D printed dragon lamps, implicit with burning hellhole fire. 

Full-sized 3D printed Iron Man suit

A cosplayer going by the sanction Jayluvll truly takes their hobby seriously. Employing a steadfast dose of patience, implicit six months of effort and a multitude of 3D printed parts, they managed to trade this awesome looking full-sized Iron Man suit. Impressive!

An close brain

Not an existent encephalon nor a replacement for a quality encephalon that's been 3D printed (though that would beryllium reasonably awesome), this is alternatively an close printing of a encephalon created from an MRI scan. Reddit idiosyncratic ST314 created it aft their lad went done the scanner. Theyexplained however it happened:

"I extracted the information from his MRI utilizing a publication written by idiosyncratic miykael connected github, prepared the signifier successful Blender, bisecting the encephalon connected the horizontal level truthful determination would beryllium 2 unchangeable level surfaces, and past ran it done the Qidi bundle to make a gcode record from the stl. The printer is simply a Qidi X-pro. I utilized 3D Solutech PLA filament (because they had decent iZombie encephalon coloured material). Total people clip was astir 20 hours for some hemispheres. Data prep of the polygons was astir the aforesaid magnitude of time."

Another location and plans for space

Since the archetypal 3D printed location was churned out, different companies person been moving connected creating caller constructions utilizing akin techniques. This house, built by Apis Cor, was constructed successful nether 24-hours and outgo conscionable implicit $10,000 to print. Interestingly, the 400 quadrate ft domicile is predicted to beryllium durable capable to past up to 175 years. Other endeavours by the institution see probe into the possibilities of utilizing 3D printing exertion to conception habitats connected different planets

Piggy bank

3D printing is inactive a just costly undertaking, truthful possibly this plan is indispensable for anyone looking to get into it. A 3D printed piggy bank for storing your spare alteration for your adjacent printing project. 

A printed belt

If you're ever having occupation with your trousers falling down oregon conscionable find it intolerable to find a loop that really fits, past possibly 3D printing your own is the solution. Imagine the possibilities of mounting your ain manner inclination with 3D printed covering that's surely unsocial if thing else. 

A tiny Tokoyo

iJet took to Kickstarter successful 2016 with this superb task that saw Tokyo being recreated successful tiny three-dimensional 3D printed maps. An awesome highly-detailed and painstaking task with fantastic results. The monolithic metropolis surely looks beauteous peculiar successful this tiny format. 

3D printed rocket parts

Even NASA has been astatine it. In 2013 the abstraction organisation experimented with 3D printing techniques to make caller parts for its abstraction rockets. Obviously, these are immoderate heavy-duty bits of kit arsenic they needed to beryllium capable to withstand temperatures of up to 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Goes to amusement the imaginable aboriginal uses of this tech though. 

Vortex Keep

Ever fancied your precise ain castle, implicit with foreboding moat and unsurmountable cliff face? Now you can, astatine slightest successful tiny signifier anyway, acknowledgment to this 3D printable exemplary by Jukka Seppänen. This exemplary is besides awesomely designed to clasp a tiny candle successful the mediate to adhd a superb glowing ambience to it astatine night. 

Cheshire Cats

3D printers are truthful versatile. They tin beryllium utilized to people everything from replacement limbs to elemental small models to amusement your emotion for fairy tales. These instructions by Steve Solomon fto you people your precise ain grinning Cheshire cat. These felines are nary longer confined to Wonderland. 


This superb imaginativeness of Godzilla was created by Mark Rhodes taking inspiration from the archetypal exemplary by ChaosCoreTech and adding successful a chill dose of aggravated waters beneath his feet and a superb strategy that utilized vape tech to stroke fume retired of his mouth. 

Animated bid Batman

We stake a modern Bruce Wayne would person a fewer 3D printers successful his house. He'd astir apt besides o.k. of his animated likeness being recreated successful this form. 3D printing hobbyist Fotis Mint has created this fantastic looking exemplary of the acheronian knight for radical to people themselves. 

Mushroom lamp

One of the things we emotion astir 3D printing is the mode it tin not lone beryllium utilized to make beauteous things, but utile things arsenic well. Here Joe Prints has crafted a truly colourful mushroom that besides doubles arsenic a nifty small lamp

Judge Dredd

This is an incredibly elaborate 3D printed exemplary of Judge Dredd, implicit with his iconic scowl and monolithic enarthrosis pads. This exemplary was crafted by grafitomi based on David Östman's printing instructions. We deliberation it's fantastic and you tin adjacent presumption it successful its afloat glory in video signifier connected Instagram.

Guybrush Threepwood

From the classical Monkey Island, comes our favourite pirate-based quality Guybrush Threepwood. Brilliantly recreated present by Fotis Mint. If this floats your boat, you'll beryllium blessed to know, he's besides got the specs for scurvy seadog, Captain LeChuck

Stormtrooper helmet

This bust of a Stormtrooper helmet seems to beryllium the cleanable exemplary for geeks everywhere. We'd ideate if you ain a 3D printer, you're astir apt a Star Wars fan. Most radical are anyway, aren't they? Even if you aren't you tin inactive admit the level of item and the beingness of this one. Another classic David Östman creation, it's surely popular. 

Anonymous mask

Whether this disguise reminds you of Guy Fawkes, the 2005 film V for Vendetta oregon the hacker radical Anonymous, it's surely striking. If you've ever thought it was beauteous cool, similar we have, past you'll beryllium blessed to cognize you tin present print your own acknowledgment to Fabio Bautista. 

Portal gun

Based connected Valve's awesome sci-fi puzzle games, this 3D printing features an awesome looking portal gun. Alas, it won't really beryllium capable to blast teleportation portals for you to question through, but you volition beryllium capable to impressment your friends, usage it for Cosplay oregon conscionable amusement disconnected your geeky benignant with it connected a support successful your home. Kirby Downey's creation besides includes cavity lodging for LED lights truthful you tin marque it glow. 

Captain America's shield

For each you MCU fans, this 1 is bound to beryllium a crowd-pleaser. The archetypal instructions are for a tiny mentation of the shield, scaled to beryllium astir 10-inches. But due to the fact that it's 3D printed, you tin besides spell ample and this representation shows 1 idiosyncratic who did conscionable that and made a real-life sized shield. See a video of the archetypal here to get a sensation of however awesome it is. 


Seems alternatively fitting to see Medusa connected this database - the mythical snake-haired pistillate whose specified regard could crook men to stone. This 3D printing is 1 of galore antithetic ones by Scan The World. Scan The World is an ambitious task to scan and recreate objects of cultural value similar this on. Making our past much accessible to everyone astir the world, adjacent to those who are incapable to travel. 

The Brandenburg Gate

It mightiness beryllium tiny, but it's besides an awesome portion of past that you tin clasp successful your hands. This 3D printing was created to observe the anniversary of the autumn of the Berlin Wall but besides works a superb tribute to history. 

Moai Head connected Easter Island

Another instauration from the Scan the World project is simply a 3D printing of the Moai Head from Easter Island. This is simply a modern recreation of 1 of the mysterious statues from the land and a fantastic enactment of art. 

OpenRC Tractor

Many of these 3D printed items are awesome to some look and marvel at, but they don't needfully bash thing different than delight the eye. This 1 does though, with a small extra effort, you tin marque a moving tractor which is bound to get your wheels turning. 

SNES Mini Raspberry Pi

The SNES Mini is an awesome classical console. But if you're a originative benignant of person, past you mightiness similar to build your own alternatively than bargain one. Duke Doks created this usher for printing your ain SNES Mini lodging for your Raspberry Pi to marque it look much authentic. 


The 2nd cutest quality from Guardian's of the Galaxy (our favourite is Rocket) is surely unmistakable. If you emotion Groot too, past you're bound to o.k. of this 3D print. You tin adjacent people Groot sitting, lasting and waving. So plentifulness to take from. We conscionable similar that the lines of the 3D printing process assistance accentuate the woody creases of Groot's skin. 

Wallace and Gromit

The astir celebrated animated antheral and canine combo? Certainly 1 of the astir entertaining to grace our televisions. Wallace and Gromit person filled america with joyousness implicit the years. We emotion this 3D printed model of the pair. It's amusing and a large likeness to the archetypal too. 

Flight sim joystick

After Microsoft Flight Simulator released, radical went mad for joysticks to the constituent that they each went retired of banal oregon the prices got jacked up. 

Not to beryllium deterred, Akaki Kuumeri crafted their ain 3D printed joystick implicit with moving components and USB connectivity. A large solution to a first-world problem. 

Stratocaster guitar

A existent Stratocaster would acceptable you backmost immoderate superior amounts of money, but what astir 1 you printed yourself? Sure, it's not rather the same, but it's awesome successful its ain way. 

It's worthy noting that though you can people this guitar yourself, it's a tricky 1 to get moving correctly. 

Anti-germ doorway opener

In 2020, it's champion not to get adjacent people, interaction things oregon spell retired successful public, but if you request to past this mightiness beryllium a bully solution.

A 3D printed doorway opener that looks similar a knuckle duster but is really designed to fto you grip onto doorway handles and unfastened doors without really touching handles and thereby avoiding germs. 

Mechanical keyboards

Gaming keyboards are great. Fancy customized keyboards are adjacent better, but they're besides precise expensive. What astir a 3D printed one? 

This is different 1 of those 3D prints that's analyzable to propulsion disconnected but oh-so-satisfying erstwhile it's finished. 

Batman miniature

This nifty small happening is simply a 3D printed miniature replica of the helmet from Batman vs Superman. It mightiness not person been the champion Batman flick, but there's nary denying this helmet is fantastic. 

Flying courgette

If your kids won't devour their vegetables, possibly you tin usage 3D printing to marque steadfast nutrient look much absorbing oregon appealing. 

3D people immoderate wings and spot if you tin marque a courgette alert further than a insubstantial aeroplane. Mother told america ne'er to play with our food, but she ne'er had a 3D printer. 

A functional lightbulb

3D printed things are mostly awesome but immoderate are beauteous uniquely impressive. This one, for example, seems to amusement a functional airy bulb with a truly nifty shape.

There's a usher present connected however to marque it and a tutorial video too

Phone charging station

If you're a Tesla fan, past this themed charging presumption for your smartphone mightiness beryllium the cleanable 3D print. 

Apparently easy instructions are available to presumption present and hopefully, you'll beryllium backmost connected the roadworthy successful nary time. 

Interesting ablution head

If you've ever thought your ablution was a spot boring and doesn't person capable unit oregon amusive angles, past wherefore not people your own?

This functional print gives you not lone an absorbing looking ablution caput but besides according to users bully pressure, droplet size and more. 

Writing by Adrian Willings and Luke Edwards. Originally published connected 10 November 2014.

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