5 Ways to Add a Nutritious Boost to Your Favorite Foods

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5 Ways to Add a Nutritious Boost to Your Favorite Foods

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In concern with our friends astatine HUZZAH

Lately our nutrient mantra has been “Yes…and”: “Yes, I’m going to bask my favourite foods due to the fact that they are delicious and marque maine happy. And I’m going to effort to max retired their nutritional value, too.”

Five of our existent nutrient obsessions from brands we emotion beryllium that enjoyment and nutrition request not beryllium successful opposition.

  1. Better Bubbles

    Flavored seltzers person helped galore of america ditch sugary sodas. But present we’re near sipping carbonated h2o that doesn’t truly adhd thing to our diet. Sort of a missed opportunity, no? Then we recovered HUZZAH, a fruity seltzer with unrecorded probiotics that tin assistance enactment gut health. With little than 3 grams of sweetener per can, it’s not excessively sweet, and the existent effect flavors wholly travel through. The Raspberry & Lemon is tart and zingy, and the Juicy Pear is mellow and fresh, but our favourite is the Strawberry & Hibiscus due to the fact that of its delicate floral undertones. It’s a refreshing mode to circular retired your lunch, chill disconnected successful the precocious afternoon, oregon adhd immoderate bubbles to meal each portion supporting a steadfast gut.

  2. Huzzah Raspberry & Lemon Huzzah, $13.99



  1. A Bowl of Nostalgia

    The sensation of our favourite puerility cereals reengineered with healthier ingredients—what a marvelous find. Thanks to astute ingredients similar whey macromolecule and allulose, these cereals person much macromolecule and less carbohydrates per serving than accepted cereals and nary sugar. They inactive someway sensation truly good, and with 9 flavors to take from, there’s thing for everyone (we’re into the cocoa and frosted varieties). Suggested accompaniments see sleeping in, pajamas, and Saturday greeting cartoons.

  2. Magic Spoon

    Magic Spoon VARIETY Magic Spoon, $40


  1. Wrap It Up

    Siete ever nails it. It makes immoderate of our favorite chips and a ridiculously bully vegan queso, and we admit its attack to making beloved foods enactment for a fig of dietary needs without sacrificing taste. The brand’s archetypal merchandise was grain-free tortillas, which are fantastic, but they’re tiny and a amended acceptable for tacos. The motorboat of these burrito-size tortillas has opened up the playing field. We’re talking grain-free meal burritos, luncheon wraps, homemade steadfast crunch wraps (yes, that crunch wrap—it’s a bully conception that becomes a large happening erstwhile it’s made with amended ingredients), and adjacent that viral TikTok tortilla hack.


    Siete, $80


  1. Nice Slice

    Our favourite grain-free caller pasta comes from Cappello’s, truthful we had a beauteous bully feeling astir the grain-free frozen pizza crust. It’s crispy, nutty, chewy, and not astatine each doughy—everything you privation from a pizza. While determination are premade pizzas acceptable to go, we similar each the opportunities for customization that travel with the bare crust. Get a clump of these pies on with a assortment of toppers for a DIY pizza enactment dispersed that folks of each dietary persuasions tin enjoy.

  2. Naked Pizza Crust Cappello’s, $9

    Cappello’s Naked Pizza Crust Cappello’s, $9


  1. Go Nuts

    A chocolate-covered seed is simply a top-tier snack for movie nights, roadworthy trips, and the dreaded 3 p.m. slump. Now, we’re realistic snackers: We cognize that a dainty is simply a treat, and we’re not looking for a wellness occurrence successful a candy-coated shell. That said, we’re impressed with the almond hunks from Hu Chocolate. It’s a dairy-free cocoa made with coconut sweetener that’s conscionable the close equilibrium of bitter and sweet. Plus, there’s oversea brackish involved, which makes each dessert better.

  2. Hu Almonds + Sea Salt Hunks Hu, $49

    Hu Almonds + Sea
    Salt Hunks
    Hu, $49


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