4 AI trends for 2022: Neural networks, strategic ethics, better hiring and gastronomy

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In 2022, we tin expect AI to grow its scope into robotic automation, amended bundle for decision-making and a confrontation of the looming ethical issues, according to Sony experts.

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Three experts from Sony AI America gathered to sermon the aboriginal of artificial intelligence and what Sony sees coming successful 2022. While immoderate look to beryllium a earthy improvement for AI arsenic much companies follow it, others could code immoderate of the issues we're facing, arsenic the warfare connected COVID wages on.

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Gathered to sermon AI trends were: Michael Spranger, COO, of the Sony artificial quality team; Alice Xiang, caput of AI Ethics Office (Sony Group Corporation) and elder probe scientist, AI morals lead; and Peter Stone, enforcement manager of Sony AI America. Here's what they judge volition hap successful 2022.

1. AI successful gastronomy

AI could good alteration the mode we conceptualize, make and bask food.

"AI and robotics contiguous breathtaking caller opportunities for the nutrient and beverage industry, wherever companies are actively exploring the usage of these caller technologies successful each aspects of their operations," Spranger said. "Some of the astir breathtaking applications of AI successful gastronomy are connected the originative side, wherever AI is being utilized to further heighten the imaginativeness and creativity of chefs and culinary experts beyond what is imaginable today. Some of these AI applications volition soon enactment chefs successful specified things arsenic enhancing the sensory experiences of cooking and eating, creating healthier and much sustainable recipes and automating and scaling nutrient preparation. These advances volition alteration the mode chefs make nutrient combinations, pairings and platings and volition assistance chefs successful their process of processing new, archetypal recipes that are besides steadfast and enactment sustainability for the environment."

I volition adhd to that breakthrough innovations successful nutrient serving and mentation robotics, specified arsenic Flippy, a robot that flips burgers, on with the galore self-service kiosks astatine McDonalds and different restaurants.

This AI-propelled automation helps to alleviate labour shortages that were created by the COVID pandemic. The automation besides keeps nutrient freer from quality touch, a root of germ transmission.

2. Better hiring practices

Almost each institution successful the COVID epoch is facing labour shortages that they could assistance to alleviate if they broadened the lens for individuals whom they see for employment. AI tin assistance to grow this lens for employers arsenic they look astatine a much divers tract of occupation applicants.

"It's indispensable for immoderate exertion that impacts quality beingness to beryllium created from a diverseness of voices," Spranger said. "Historically, AI has been driven guardant without the information of radical from antithetic backgrounds, causing consequences for underrepresented communities. Diversity is important to forestall harm and alteration innovation … . One magnitude we request to wage adjacent attraction to erstwhile expanding our teams is to marque definite we prosecute radical from antithetic disciplines–including the arts, societal sciences, philosophy, etc. AI cannot win successful fulfilling its committedness for humanity without input from the breadth of quality experience."

3. AI morals arsenic a strategical imperative

"In caller years, we person seen an detonation of AI technologies deployed successful a wide assortment of antithetic industries—everything from amusement to healthcare to acquisition to instrumentality enforcement," Xiang said. "While galore of these technologies person been precise beneficial for society, this maturation has besides accrued consciousness of imaginable risks and harms. As a result, we've started to spot a overmuch bigger spotlight connected AI morals implicit the past fewer years, and this inclination volition accelerate successful the coming year."

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Xiang believes it volition nary longer beryllium capable for exertion companies to conscionable person bully intentions. We're already seeing that with individuals and governments warring backmost against societal media and facial recognition.

"There volition beryllium accent connected fairness, transparency and accountability successful AI, and increasing unit from regulators and the nationalist for companies to operationalize these principles," Xiang said. "Companies that person integrated ethical AI into their processes from the commencement volition recognize the astir occurrence arsenic the manufacture places much and much value connected these issues."

4. The maturation of neural networks that assistance robots think

"We are present seeing accrued involvement successful knowing the limitations of neural networks and integrating them with different tried and existent AI algorithms," Stone said. 

Neuro-symbolic networks assistance robots reason similar humans and person the quality to grow the scope of robotic tasks into reasoning ones.

"I'm optimistic that probe successful this absorption volition beryllium peculiarly utile for advances successful general-purpose work robots susceptible of robust perception, connection successful earthy language, task and question readying for entity manipulation, and earthy human-robot interaction," Stone said. 

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