29 satisfying images of knolled tech and everyday objects

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(Pocket-lint) - Knolling is simply a wonderfully satisfying photography method that involves lining things up to make the cleanable image.

This benignant of photography involves arranging akin objects successful a parallel mode oregon astatine 90-degrees successful an organised way.

The effect is often incredibly satisfying and somewhat beautiful. It's go rather a inclination successful caller years, truthful we've collected immoderate of our favourites for you to enjoy. 

On your bike

We emotion this elemental presumption of an aged schoolhouse bicycle blown isolated and dispersed retired successful a joyful knolling.

The tools utilized are besides included successful the representation and marque for a truly bully summation with spanners getting smaller and smaller successful the astir satisfying way.  

Sean Woodrow/David Corns

Satisfying Images Of Knolled Tech And Everyday Objects representation  15

Toasty toast

Like 1 of those galore images you've astir apt already seen online asking however you similar your nutrient cooked, this knolling features toast of varying brownness.

We're reasonably definite the location would person burnt down by the clip the past 1 was made.  

Brilliantly black

A precise modern knolling presumption of things astir of america person successful our pockets oregon astir our person.

Car keys, phone, watch, escaped change, wallet and more. All neatly arranged and brilliantly photographed. 


Satisfying Images Of Knolled Tech And Everyday Objects photograph  24

Roborock H7 vacuum cleaner

When reviewing the Roborock H7 vacuum cleaner, Pocket-lint's erstwhile subordinate exertion Dan Grabham created this fantastic representation utilizing each the included parts of the vacuum. Neatly aligned for america each to enjoy. 

Everyday essentials

This representation shows the mundane essentials of Jae S. Min, a decorator from the  Volkswagen Group of America.

This photograph was a enactment of each the things helium utilized for his time occupation backmost successful 2013. Tablets, notebooks and adjacent immoderate caffeine, each these things helped this decorator get done his day. 


Satisfying Images Of Knolled Tech And Everyday Objects representation  1

Volkswagen Golf successful pieces

You whitethorn good person seen this representation before, but it's nary little awesome nary substance however galore times you spot it. At slightest successful our caput anyway.

All the parts of the VW Golf were removed and displayed successful a fantastic knolling fashion.

Wonderfully achromatic knolling

In 2012, American ticker and accessories marque Nixon released a postulation of achromatic products including a watch, headphones, iPhone lawsuit and more.

This representation shows the scope alongside a mixer and Technics turntable. Fantastic knolling for a merchandise motorboat successful our opinion. 

A deconstructed typewriter

When their typewriter needed cleaning, Tinned Thumbs went erstwhile measurement further and took the full happening apart.

The resulting representation is brilliantly satisfying and shows a cracking presumption of each the tiny parts of this aged fashioned machine. 

Retro consoles

What amended tribute to the past of gaming than this photograph of assorted awesome but present archaic consoles. Brilliantly presented and wonderfully arranged by Jim Golden.


Rocco is simply a contented creator for gaming cogwheel marque Razer and Redbull gaming.

As you'd expect, he's got immoderate beauteous awesome cogwheel to transportation retired some his occupation and his hobbies. Phones, drones, camera cogwheel and a multitude of lenses marque for an fantabulous knolling it seems.

A deconstructed mower

Some of these knolled images are neat, not conscionable due to the fact that they amusement objects successful fantastic parallel lines, but besides due to the fact that they amusement each the constituent parts of a real-world item.

This presumption of a deconstructed manual tract mower, for example, is not thing you're apt to spot successful day-to-day life. Yet it's brilliantly satisfying to look at. 

A station mortem of Wii controller

This superb representation is simply a bid of photos of assorted antithetic gaming controllers dissected and neatly displayed by Ballen Photography

"Deconstructed is simply a bid of dissected controllers collected from the gamers who owned them. Each controller was utilized and often played until it was nary longer operable. Some person been physically altered, and others were damaged successful attempts to hole them. This is their autopsy, a accidental to comparison our maturation and committedness to the tools we usage to game."

A camera successful parts

Camera enthusiasts whitethorn good person mixed feelings astir this one.

This representation shows an Olympus Pen-EE camera from 1962 successful parts. It's improbable this camera volition beryllium enactment backmost unneurotic and inactive function, but it surely looks large similar this.

Motorola V500 flip phone

A retro Motorola V500 flip telephone gets the knolling treatment. We emotion seeing these aged devices successful parts. All the small tech from generations gone by.

A Swiss Army knife

This astonishing representation of a deconstructed Swiss Army weapon is portion of a bid by Todd McLellan for a publication "Things Come Apart".

This enactment includes a multitude of superb mundane objects breached down into each the constituent parts and laid retired successful satisfying lines for each to enjoy. 

Serious surgery

It seems adjacent surgeons bask a spot of knolling. It's perfectly understandable that they'd privation to beryllium organised erstwhile successful the midst of important life-saving work. 

Wind and star power

We're honestly not definite what's going connected with this one, but we emotion the operation of star panels, tiny windmills and smatterings of tech. The bold reddish inheritance for this knolling is besides awesome. 

Satisfying skateboard

This is surely 1 well-used skateboard. When the owner, Deborah Gruber took the wheels disconnected for different project, she decided to instrumentality the full happening isolated specially for this photo. 

Hipster photographer?

This representation appeared connected the web with the tagline "Adventurising Equipment." - to us, it looks much similar cogwheel for a hipster photographer. Nice lines though. 

Cameras, cameras, cameras

Jim Golden and Kristin Lane enactment unneurotic this awesome representation of a multitude of cameras with the assistance of 15 photographers from Portland, Oregon.

Certainly an awesome postulation of cameras aged and new. No uncertainty took ages to get them each neatly lined up too. 

8 way collection

Another unthinkable representation enactment unneurotic by Jim Golden shows a magnificent 8 way collection. Retro audio presented with fantastic styling.  

Rad radio

Another awesome presumption of retro exertion deconstructed and presented successful a brilliantly satisfying knolled format.

We emotion the timepiece numbers included successful this 1 too. Intricate item from wires, resistors and much are besides wonderfully appealing. 

One antheral and his tools

It's reasonably antithetic to spot a idiosyncratic included successful a knolling image, but present it's good warranted (and brilliant).

This chap surely has a batch of photography kit and each the cogwheel helium could perchance request for the cleanable image. Though we stake that kit has lone grown and grown since the archetypal photograph was taken. 

Old things

Sometimes the simplest views marque for satisfying knollings. A lukewarm drink, a neatly presented book, an ageing camera and immoderate bits of quality thrown successful for bully measurement too. 

This representation from Abdessalem Benyahia is simply a cleanable example. 

Camera gear

Photographers emotion showing disconnected their camera gear. And could determination perchance beryllium a much aesthetically pleasing presumption of that technology? It's unlikely. 

A antithetic benignant of camera

Another camera. This clip it's an older camera, blown isolated with each its internals each connected display. Impressive attraction to detail. 

Floppy disks

Though not needfully knolling successful the accepted sense, we bash admit the fantastic positioning and lines of these aged floppy disks. 

Aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetically pleasing images are abundant successful this list. This 1 not lone features fantastic lines but besides large complementary colours that conscionable marque it pop. Sarah Arista intelligibly has an oculus for these things. 

Tools galore

If you request a peculiar tool, past having this benignant of setup would surely marque it easier to find successful a hurry. With the added bonus that it besides happens to look truly awesome. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 15 April 2019.

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