Geoff Keighley Hosting ‘Inside The Game Awards’ Podcast In New Partnership With Spotify

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Geoff Keighley’s yearly Game Awards amusement is close astir the country – December 9 to beryllium nonstop – and a caller podcast starring up to the amusement volition dive heavy into each that goes into it. 

The Game Awards announced contiguous that it is teaming up with euphony streaming service, Spotify, which volition beryllium its “exclusive audio streaming partner” for the show. It besides revealed that starring up to it, a constricted four-episode podcast called Inside The Game Awards volition beryllium released. 

“As portion of the partnership, The Game Awards creator, enforcement producer, and big Geoff Keighley is hosting a peculiar 4-episode Inside The Game Awards podcast, exclusively connected Spotify opening today, highlighting the latest quality connected the awards ceremony, including the unthinkable nominees for this year’s show, and a look astatine the philharmonic elements of the show, including the instrumentality of The Game Awards Orchestra.” 

Spotify volition besides denote the “most listened to Spotify artists and songs” connected gaming platforms globally successful 2021 during the show. 

The archetypal occurrence of Inside The Game Awards is present live, and the different 3 episodes are expected to driblet starring up to the existent amusement connected December 9. While waiting for those, work done the nominations for the Game Awards 2021. Check out Game Informer's interview with Keighley astir this year's awards show aft that. 

Are you excited astir this year’s Game Awards? What announcement bash you anticipation to see? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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