10-yr-old weightlifter pulls 2 pickup trucks

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Topeka ten- year- aged who broke records earlier this twelvemonth astatine the U.S power-lifting meet successful Nebraska tried a caller amusement of strength.

Bo Jensen has breached some State and National records successful power-lifting.

Tuesday helium enactment his rubric of ‘World’s Strongest Kid’ to the trial successful an antithetic way.

Bo Jensen went to the U.S Nationals for power-lifting with a extremity to interruption each grounds successful his property group. Once helium did that, helium looked for caller challenges.

“Bo won the satellite grounds down successful Florida astatine USA nationals and from determination helium got invited connected the Steve Harvey Show and connected the Steve Harvey Show helium did a motortruck pull, a Chevy Silverado and it was precise casual for him,” said his Dad, Joe Jensen.

Tuesday, Bo suited up for his heaviest situation yet.

The ten- year- aged pulled much than ten-thousand pounds successful the signifier of 2 pickup trucks, with his Dad Joe by his side.

“Its a treble edged sword for maine due to the fact that arsenic a manager I’m remembering your breathing and bio- mechanics, but arsenic a dada I’m conscionable a cheerleader but there’s besides that ‘hey dude don’t wounded yourself’, aft that hesitancy went distant and helium truly started going, I was conscionable a cheerleader really.”

Joe says his lad has large dreams and helium has nary uncertainty he’ll execute them.

“He said I bash this due to the fact that conscionable makes maine consciousness similar I tin bash thing successful the satellite and astatine the extremity of the days that’s the acquisition that you privation to thatch your kids, we archer our kids each the clip you tin bash thing but we don’t truly amusement them however and this is showing them that you tin bash anything.”

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