XLM price analysis: XLM/USD outlook after Stellar bounced off 30-day low

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Stellar (XLM) remains adjacent an inflection constituent contempt its 7.5% upside, with some bulls and bears looking undecided implicit the adjacent move.

Stellar has gained astir 7.5% successful the past 24 hours, rebounding supra $0.20 arsenic the crypto marketplace looks to shed Tuesday’s antagonistic action. At the clip of writing, XLM was trading astatine $0.21, up from its lowest terms of $0.195 logged connected June 22.

The upside connected the regular log for Stellar comes arsenic large cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum led the marketplace successful bouncing disconnected multi-week lows, with BTC plugging the leak to lows of $29k portion ETH has recouped immoderate of the losses that saw it commercialized adjacent $1,700.

Pseudonymous trader Daan Crypto is bullish connected adjacent word prospects of BTC and alts, noting via a tweet that the bellwether crypto’s rebound supra $30k and the antagonistic backing successful altcoins is simply a “promising signal” for the market.

$BTC Great retake of the scope low. Looks similar a bully deviation now.

We’ll person to spot if BTC tin proceed present but retaking the scope was the astir important thing$ALTS had a bully bounce excessively and backing is inactive precise antagonistic truthful that’s somewhat promising.

Patience ⏳

— Daan Crypto Trades (@DaanCrypto) July 21, 2021

For XLM, bulls tin retake vantage if prices breach absorption supra $0.24. If not, continuation of caller sell-off unit could spot prices interruption beneath $0.20 erstwhile more.

XLM terms method outlook

On the regular log, XLM/USD is looking to bounce disconnected enactment astatine the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level of the macro determination from $0.079 to year-to-date highs of $0.80. But enactment remains restricted wrong a descending transmission and imaginable upward moves are apt to tally into rejection astatine the 20-day moving mean ($0.24) and 50-day moving mean ($0.28).

Stellar terms regular chart. Source: TradingView

Looking astatine a higher timeframe, Stellar’s XLM terms has breached beneath the large enactment enactment astatine $0.20 twice, trending successful reddish successful 3 of the past 4 weeks. Although bulls person attempted to bargain astatine each dip, the consecutive losses item increasing weakness.

For instance, the terms has moved distant from the 50-week SMA, portion the play RSI suggests the way of slightest absorption could beryllium a continuation of the downward trajectory.

If the cryptocurrency marketplace turns bearish, XLM could flash reddish to prices adjacent $0.11. Below that, further rot could align with a retest of $0.079 successful the adjacent term.

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